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View projects from the Prior CIP Planning Cycle under original consideration for the 2019 CIP Please review the following list of projects under original consideration for the 2019 CIP. To remove projects email To add projects continue to “Go to New CIP Application” button. To view details, select the 'View' link, the data will open in a new tab. Close the tab to return to the list. Two tabs are available for each project “App” is the agency application from the 2017 CIP. “CIP” is a summary of the SPWD estimate and narrative in response to the application.

  Department of Administration
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7799 AdminEITSEITSCarson CityContinuation: Computer Room Cooling System Upgrade (State Computer Facility) 400,000BJB
ViewView 7721 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityElevator Renovation and Modernization (Blasdel) 140,000RMO
ViewView 7588b AdminSPWDSPWDCarson CityAdministration Building (Capitol Complex) 30,100,000WDP
ViewView 7675h AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityReplace Door Hardware in B&G Managed Buildings 168,000RMO
ViewView 7585 AdminLibArchLibArchLas VegasAdvance Planning: Consolidated Warehouse & State Records Storage 7,809,840RMO
ViewView 7653 AdminSPWDB&GLas VegasAdministration Building (Sahara Complex)138,200,000RMO
ViewView 7469 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityRefurbish exterior windows and doors (Old State Printing Office)1125,000RMO
ViewView 7468 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityPreservation and Renovation of Historic Fence (Capitol Building)2513,500RMO
ViewView 7637 AdminFSFSLas VegasContinuation: Southern Nevada Fleet Services Maintenance Facility (Grant Sawyer Site)34,035,200RMO
ViewView 7239 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CitySeismic Upgrade and Renovation (Old State Armory Building)44,050,000RMO
ViewView 7230 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityAdvance Planning - Renovation and Seismic Retrofit (Heroes Memorial Building & Annex)59,450,000RMO
ViewView 7209 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityInterior Painting and Window Repair (State Capitol Building)7350,000RMO
ViewView 7207 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityBuilding Envelope Rehabilitation (Bryan Building)8871,800RLC
ViewView 7219 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityPavement Rehabilitation (Capitol Complex)9246,300MJM
ViewView 7257 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityInstall Security Camera System (Attorney General's Complex)14530,400CAD
ViewView 7244 AdminSPWDB&GLas VegasElectronic Card Access System (Grant Sawyer Office Building)15777,500JKF
ViewView 7689 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityElevator Renovation and Modernization (Library & Archives Building)19210,000RMO
ViewView 7217 AdminSPWDB&GStewartAccess Road Repairs (Stewart Complex)26299,250MJM
ViewView 7216 AdminSPWDB&GN. Las VegasPreventative Pavement Maintenance (Decatur DMV)27151,208MJM
ViewView 7686 AdminSPWDB&GStewartStewart Campus Building 89 Exterior ADA Upgrades28100,350MCR
ViewView 7685 AdminSPWDB&GStewartExterior ADA Upgrades (Stewart Campus Building 6)29111,350MCR
ViewView 7404 AdminSPWDSPWD0Fire Alarm Centralization (Stewart Facility)30516,000KRS
ViewView 7218 AdminSPWDB&GStewartNDOC Building 89 Fire Sprinkler Installation (Stewart Colony)31214,950KRS
ViewView 7205 AdminSPWDB&GVariousElectrical Coordination Studies (Various State Buildings)33 CAD
ViewView 7204 AdminSPWDB&GVariousInstall Cameras (Library and Archives, Blasdel & Sawyer Buildings)341,949,000CAD
ViewView 7688 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityElevator Renovation and Modernization (Laxalt Building)36210,000RMO
ViewView 7687 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityElevator Renovation and Modernization (EICON Building)37210,000RMO
ViewView 7676 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityReplace exterior entry doors (Supreme Court Building)38225,285RMO
ViewView 7674 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityReplace Door Hardware (State Capitol Building)39195,000RMO
ViewView 7669 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityRestrooms Renovation and ADA Upgrades (Second Floor State Capitol Building)40290,000RMO
ViewView 7679 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityADA Site Upgrades to B&G Facilities45121,000MCR
ViewView 7212 AdminLibArchLibArchCarson CityADA Upgrades Nevada State Library & Archives4846,375MCR
ViewView 7246 AdminSPWDB&GLas VegasConsolidated Warehouse & State Records Storage4912,784,080KEN
ViewView 7223 AdminSPWDSPWDStewartFire Alarm Installation (Stewart "NEW" Gym)5097,875KRS
ViewView 7421 AdminSPWDB&GVariousLighting Upgrades (Facilities Managed By B&G)53437,671JKF
ViewView 7402 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityUpgrade Electrical Distribution & Circuitry (Blasdel Building)551,250,000CAD
ViewView 7691 AdminSPWDB&GRenoSite Drainage and Paving Improvements (Purchasing Warehouse)561,045,000BJW
ViewView 7690 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CitySite Drainage Improvements (Frankie Sue Building)5771,000BJW
ViewView 7227 AdminSPWDB&GStewartStewart Water Tower Seismic Retrofit58429,331RLC
ViewView 7202 AdminSPWDB&GLas VegasModernization of Existing Elevators (Sawyer Office Building)641,475,000KAL
ViewView 7201 AdminSPWDB&GLas VegasModernization of Existing Elevators (Sawyer Office Building)651,475,000KAL
ViewView 7693 AdminSPWDB&GRenoGenerator Replacement (Reno Purchasing Warehouse)66255,000CAD
ViewView 7410 AdminSPWDB&GStewartAdvance Planning: Drainage Improvements (Stewart Facility)671,716,000BJW
ViewView 7694 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityExterior Window Replacement (Blasdel Building)69596,250RMO
ViewView 7675 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityReplace Door Hardware in B&G Managed Buildings70260,400RMO
ViewView 7673 AdminSPWDB&GStewartReplace Plumbing Fixtures (Various Buildings at Stewart Facility)7181,000BJB
ViewView 7672 AdminSPWDB&GVariousReplace Plumbing Fixtures (Various Buildings in Reno and Carson City)72130,600BJB
ViewView 7670 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityRestroom Renovation (Education Building)73240,000RMO
ViewView 7224 AdminAdminAdminCarson CityRoofing Replacement, CC B&G Garage7544,950AJL
ViewView 7229 AdminSPWDSPWDCarson CityDemolition of Cottages (Northern Nevada Childrens Home)76270,130KRS
ViewView 7225 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityBlasdel Fire Protection Upgrade (Capitol Complex)78302,760KRS
ViewView 7220 AdminSPWDB&GStewartFire Sprinkler Installation (Stewart Colony "NEW" Gym)79388,350KRS
ViewView 7208 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CitySite Drainage Improvements (Attorney General's Office Complex)80148,000BJW
ViewView 7214 AdminSPWDB&GStewartADA Entry & Restroom Remodel (Stewart Building 18)8331,950MCR
ViewView 7213 AdminSPWDB&GStewartADA Entry & Restroom Remodel (Stewart Building 18)8431,950MCR
ViewView 7226 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityGroundwater Well Abandonments (Carson City)8748,450KRS
ViewView 7206 AdminSPWDB&GCarson CityContinuation: Central Plant Renovation (State Library and Archives)881,160,000BJB

  Department of Agriculture
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7628 AgricultureAgricultureAgricultureRenoFreezer Replacement - Nevada Department of Agriculture, Food Commodities (Purchasing Warehouse)1737,200RMO
ViewView 7458 AgricultureAgricultureAgricultureSparksRoofing Replacement (Measurements and Standards)2106,350MHF

  Departmant of Conservation and Natural Resources
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7132a CNRParksParksElkoVehicle and Material Storage Building (Wildhorse State Park) 421,750MJM
ViewView 7547 CNRForestryForestryCarson CityPavement Maintenance and Expansion (NDF East Lake) 102,000MJM
ViewView 7546 CNRForestryForestryMindenTarmac Pavement Rehabilitation (Sierra Front Dispatch) 173,500MJM
ViewView 7533 CNRForestryForestryLas VegasNew Parking and Access Road (Las Vegas Nursery) 269,500MJM
ViewView 7544 CNRForestryForestryOtherWash Bay Enclosure (Western Regional Headquarters) 206,600RLC
ViewView 7142 CNRCNRCNROtherRoofing Replacement Spooner Lake 1MHF
ViewView 7542 CNRCNRCNRElkoRain Gutters and Ice Dam Protection, Elko Headquarters Shop Building 11,400AJL
ViewView 7541 CNRForestryForestryTonopahRoofing Replacement, Office NDF 1MHF
ViewView 7535 CNRForestryForestryElkoParking Lot Maintenance (NDF Northern HQ) 51,170MJM
ViewView 7548 CNRForestryForestryJeanPavement Maintenance (Jean Conservation Camp) 50,000MJM
ViewView 7131a CNRParksParksSilver SpringsVehicle and Material Storage Building (Lahontan State Park) 739,000MJM
ViewView 7545 CNRForestryForestryRenoRoofing Replacement, Western Regional Nursery 1MHF
ViewView 7153 CNRParks OtherRoofing Replacement, Ramada and Storage Shed, Fort Churchill 1MHF
ViewView 7152 CNRParks Las VegasRoofing Replacement, Various Buildings, Spring Mountain State Park 94,250MHF
ViewView 7151 CNRParks OtherRoofing Replacement, Comfort 1 & 2 Big Ben 10,925MHF
ViewView 7150 CNRParks OtherRoofing Replacement, Park Shop, Restrooms, Fort Churchill 105,000MHF
ViewView 7148 CNRParksParksOtherRoofing Replacement, Resident and Maintenance Shop, Rye Patch 146,000MHF
ViewView 7147 CNRParksParksLas VegasRoofing Replacement, Spring Mountain Ranch Visitor Center 280,000MHF
ViewView 7145 CNRCNRCNRLas VegasRoofing Replacement, Mormon Fort, Administration 119,100MHF
ViewView 7144 CNRCNRCNROtherRoofing Replacement (Cave Rock State Park) 42,500MHF
ViewView 7774 CNRForestryForestryElyRoofing Replacement, Multipurpose Building, Ely CC 105,700MHF
ViewView 7651 CNRParksParksElkoPavement Rehabilitation (Wildhorse State Park) 150,000MJM
ViewView 7543 CNRForestryForestryJeanRoofing Replacement, NDF Office and Storage 18,500MHF
ViewView 7549 CNRForestryForestryElkoPavement Maintenance (Elko Interagency Dispatch Center) 56,900MJM
ViewView 7568 CNRForestryForestryCarson CityConstruct Parking Lot Addition (Stewart Conservation Camp) 230,000BJW
ViewView 7577 CNRForestryForestryWellsWells Conservation Camp NDF Office ADA Restroom 52,350MCR
ViewView 7555 CNRForestryForestryElyEly Conservation Camp NDF Office ADA Restroom 37,430MCR
ViewView 7554 CNRForestryForestryCarlinCarlin Conservation Camp NDF Office ADA Restroom 52,280MCR
ViewView 7553 CNRForestryForestryWinnemuccaHumboldt Conservation Camp NDF Office ADA Restroom 48,250MCR
ViewView 7552 CNRForestryForestryCarson CityStewart Conservation Camp NDF Office ADA Restroom 8,100MCR
ViewView 7551 CNRForestryForestryMindenParking Lot Pavement Rehabilitation (Sierra Front Dispatch) 205,900MJM
ViewView 7550 CNRForestryForestryIndian SpringsPavement Maintenance (Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp) 133,000MJM
ViewView 7095 CNRParksParksFallonRehabilitation & Restoration of Adobe Ruins (Fort Churchill State Park)1682,904RMO
ViewView 7527 CNRForestryForestryElkoAdvance Planning - Heavy Equipment Shop and Renovation (NDF Northern Region II)23,080,900RMO
ViewView 7606 CNRCNRCNRYeringtonOperations & Maintenance Facility (Mason Valley WMA)22,358,400RMO
ViewView 7096 CNRParksParksLas VegasExterior Envelope Protection (Spring Mountain Ranch State Park) - Advance Planning3876,400KEN
ViewView 7097 CNRParksParksPiocheCampground Improvements (Echo Canyon State Park)5390,000KEN
ViewView 7098 CNRParksParksPiocheSafety Improvements (Miller Point Overlook)6470,000KEN
ViewView 7100 CNRParksParksOtherReplace Two Comfort Stations (Sand Harbor State Park)10688,640RLC
ViewView 7565 CNRForestryForestryOtherInstall Backflow Prevention Assemblies and Replace Well Equipment (WRH)1590,000BJW
ViewView 7107 CNRParksParksVariousConstruct Utility Hookups and Install Wireless Internet (State Park Campgrounds)16745,000BJW
ViewView 7109 CNRParksParksFallonComfort Station (Fort Churchill State Park Campground)17401,500RMO
ViewView 7112 CNRParksParksFallonGroup Use Ramada Rehabilitation (Fort Churchill State Historic Park)20155,300RMO
ViewView 7576 CNRForestryForestryMindenInstall Security Camera System (Minden Interagency Dispatch Center)21124,000CAD
ViewView 7113 CNRParksParksLas VegasAdvance Planning: Nevada State Multi-Agency Facility (NDOW & DCNR)2218,412,500KEN
ViewView 7128 CNRParksParksOtherVehicle and Material Storage Building (Big Bend State Park)24514,700KEN
ViewView 7129 CNRParksParksOvertonVehicle and Material Storage Building (Valley of Fire State Park)25328,500KEN
ViewView 7569 CNRForestryForestryOtherWelding Shop Electrical and Energy Upgrades (Western Regional Headquarters)26108,096RLC
ViewView 7570 CNRForestryForestryOtherPaint Shop Electrical and Energy Upgrades (Western Regional Headquarters)2787,390RLC
ViewView 7571 CNRForestryForestryOtherApparatus Bay Addition (Western Regional Headquarters)311,231,000RLC
ViewView 7528 CNRForestryForestryElyVehicle and Equipment Parking Area (Ely NDF Industrial Shop Building)32248,000MJM
ViewView 7562 CNRForestryForestryElkoEmergency Generator Installation (Northern Region Headquarters)47145,000CAD
ViewView 7572 CNRForestryForestryElySecurity Upgrades (Ely Industrial Shop)5560,000KEN
ViewView 7534 CNRForestryForestryElkoADA Accessible Route Elko Arboretum (Nevada Division of Forestry Elko Office)5940,000MCR
ViewView 7566 CNRForestryForestryLas VegasPlumbing System Replacement (Southern Region Nursery Office)6257,000BBM
ViewView 7574 CNRForestryForestryCarson CityOffice Addition (Stewart Conservation Camp)64532,460RMO
ViewView 7529 CNRForestryForestryElyEly Industrial Shop701,327,500KEN
ViewView 7134 CNRParksParksLovelockVehicle and Material Storage Building (Rye Patch State Park)74375,400MJM
ViewView 7135 CNRParksParksPiocheMaterial and Equipment Storage Building (Spring Valley State Park)75154,700MJM
ViewView 7136 CNRParksParksLaughlinShoreline Power and Lighting (Big Bend State Park)76354,800JKF
ViewView 7137 CNRParksParksPiocheSite Rehabilitation (Cathedral Gorge State Park)77262,500MJM
ViewView 7138 CNRParksParksOvertonNew Paving at the Fire Wave and White Domes Parking Areas (Valley of Fire)78184,628MJM
ViewView 7139 CNRParksParksPiocheConstruct Bus Parking (Cathedral Gorge State Park)79198,350MJM
ViewView 7170 CNRForestryForestryJeanPavement Maintenance (Jean Conservation Camp)14550,000MJM

  Department of Health and Human Services
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7367b DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksReplace Outdoor Boilers (NNAMHS Buildings 1, 2, & 5) 224,000BJB
ViewView 7888 DHHSDHHSDHHSCarson CityDHHS Office Buildings 75,400,000WDP
ViewView 7367a DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksReplace Split System Heat Pumps (NNAMHS Building 3) 60,000BJB
ViewView 7352 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksElectrical Upgrade (NNAMHS Building 22) 158,498CAD
ViewView 7394 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksADA Upgrades NNAMHS Bldg. 25 (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services) 255,000MCR
ViewView 7339 DHHSADSDSRCSparksFire Alarm System Replacement (Sierra Regional Center)220,175KRS
ViewView 7499 DHHSCFSCYCElkoUpgrade Domestic Water System (Nevada Youth Training Center)3375,000BJW
ViewView 7342 DHHSADSDSRCSparksFire Riser Replacement (Sierra Regional Center)412,000KRS
ViewView 7392 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksADA Upgrades NNAMHS Bldg. 25 (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)10255,000MCR
ViewView 7517 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoRoof Replacement, Classroom and Infirmary Building13546,000AJL
ViewView 7119 DHHSCFSSNCASLas VegasFire Alarm Centralization (Southern Nevada Child & Adolescent Services SNCAS)16238,000KRS
ViewView 7677 DHHSCFSNNCASRenoRehabilitate Roadway Slope (Various)172,028,500BJW
ViewView 7375 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksDirect Digital Control System Upgrade (NNAMHS Dini-Townsend Psychiatric Hospital)17185,000BJB
ViewView 7405 DHHSCFSNNCASRenoRehabilitate Roadway Slope (Various)182,028,500BJW
ViewView 7426 DHHSCFSCYCCalienteHVAC Replacement - Administration Building(Caliente Youth Center)21183,000BBM
ViewView 7512 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoInstall Backflow Prevention (Nevada Youth Training Center)2365,000BJW
ViewView 7373 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksDirect Digital Control System Upgrade (NNAMHS Administration Building 1)24138,000BJB
ViewView 7473 DHHSCFSSVYCCLas VegasRoofing Replacement, SVCC27627,000MHF
ViewView 7508 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoGym Floor Replacement (Nevada Youth Training Center)28257,300RLC
ViewView 7048 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasADA Upgrades Building 1301 (Desert Regional Center)29173,980MCR
ViewView 7070 DHHSCFSNNCASRenoRehabilitate Roadway Slope (Various)302,028,500BJW
ViewView 7353 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksRooftop Multi-Zone Unit Replacement (NNAMHS Buildings 2A, 8A, 8B, and 8C)31662,000BJB
ViewView 7333 DHHSADSDSRCSparksADA Upgrades Upgrades to Sierra Regional Center34119,460MCR
ViewView 7343 DHHSADSDSRCSparksTemperature Control Systems Upgrade (Sierra Regional Center)3536,000BJB
ViewView 7347 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksReplace Sanitary Sewer Laterals (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)37317,500BJW
ViewView 7120 DHHSCFSSNCASLas VegasRoofing Replacement, Children's Mental Health39411,500MHF
ViewView 7449 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasInterior Door Assembly Replacement at Buildings 1 and 2 (S. NV. Mental Health Services)40222,200KAL
ViewView 7452 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasFire Sprinkler and Alarms Installation (SNAMHS)43125,925KRS
ViewView 7351 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksFire Sprinkler Installation (NNAMHS Warehouse)44121,854KRS
ViewView 7666 DHHSCFSSVYCCLas VegasFlooring Replacement (Summit View Youth Correctional Center)46136,500KAL
ViewView 7513 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoReplace Evaporative Coolers and Exhaust Fans (Nevada Youth Training Center)47344,000TJD
ViewView 7056 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasBuilding 1391 Lobby Entrance (Desert Regional Center)4868,000KAL
ViewView 7416 DHHSCFSCYCCalienteCYC Facility Gymnasium and Dining/Food Services Area Upgrades49518,400KAL
ViewView 7498 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoExterior Site Lighting Upgrade (NYTC)52477,000CAD
ViewView 7348 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksPaving Upgrades (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health)53392,400MJM
ViewView 7438 DHHSPBHNNAMHSLas VegasInterior and Exterior Assembly Replacement at Building 3 (Stein Hospital)55358,445KAL
ViewView 7364 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksADA Upgrades Building 1 (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)57134,800MCR
ViewView 7051 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasADA Upgrades Building 1310 (Desert Regional Center)58192,460MCR
ViewView 7501 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoExit Sign & Egress Lighting Upgrade (NYTC)5940,000CAD
ViewView 7362 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksElectrical Upgrade (NNAMHS Building 1)60826,618CAD
ViewView 7396 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksADA Upgrades NNAMHS Bldg. 25 (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)61255,000MCR
ViewView 7332 DHHSADSDSRCSparksADA Upgrades Upgrades to Sierra Regional Center61119,460MCR
ViewView 7050 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasADA Upgrades Building 1309 (Desert Regional Center)62189,640MCR
ViewView 7395 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksADA Upgrades NNAMHS Bldg. 25 (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)62255,000MCR
ViewView 7349 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksReplace Campus Water Mains (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)63968,750BJW
ViewView 7049 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasADA Upgrades Building 1308 (DRC)64189,720MCR
ViewView 7052 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasADA Upgrades Building 1304 (Desert Regional Center)66191,390MCR
ViewView 7515 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoClassroom & Infirmary Flooring Replacement (Nevada Youth Training Center)67188,055RLC
ViewView 7122 DHHSCFSSNCASLas VegasPlumbing Replacement (SNCAS Building No. 7)68640,000BBM
ViewView 7355 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksElectrical Upgrade (NNAMHS Building 3)69644,064CAD
ViewView 7442 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasPatient Restroom Renovation at Rawson Neal Hospital70507,300KAL
ViewView 7514 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoRestroom Fixture Replacement (Nevada Youth Training Center)7189,600RLC
ViewView 7519 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoADA Upgrades Nevada Youth Training Center74145,000MCR
ViewView 7121 DHHSCFSSNCASLas VegasADA Upgrades to Building 8 & 14 (Southern Nevada Child & Adolescent Services)75282,960MCR
ViewView 7356 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksFlooring Replacement Building No. 3 (NNAMHS)77152,000RMO
ViewView 7432 DHHSCFSCYCCalienteReplace Irrigation Main (CYC)78172,500BJW
ViewView 7652 DHHSPBHLakesSparksLED Lighting Upgrade (Lakes' Crossing)80214,824CAD
ViewView 7518 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoMagnetic Door Lock System (Mountaineer & R&C Buildings)81371,700CAD
ViewView 7384 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksRoofing Replacement, NNAMHS Hospital Building 2582500,500AJL
ViewView 7393 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksADA Upgrades NNAMHS Bldg. 25 (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)87255,000MCR
ViewView 7436 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasStein Hospital Parking Lot (Southern NV Adult Mental Health)88217,000MJM
ViewView 7059 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasCentral Supply Building (Desert Regional Center)89445,000KAL
ViewView 7060 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasMaintenance Building (Desert Regional Center)90350,000KAL
ViewView 7330 DHHSADSDSRCSparksDemolition of Buildings 16, 17, & 18 (Sierra Regional Center)91129,642KRS
ViewView 7340 DHHSADSDSRCSparksPavement Maintenance (Sierra Regional Center)9255,000MJM
ViewView 7057 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasBldg. 1300 Parking Lot Expansion (Desert Regional Center)9389,000MJM
ViewView 7365 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksWindow Replacement- Building No. 1 (NNAMHS)94625,000RMO
ViewView 7500 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoLighting Upgrade (NYTC)95187,522CAD
ViewView 7440 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasRawson Neal Hospital Infill Office96301,000KAL
ViewView 7350 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksElectrical Upgrade (NNAMHS Campus)971,343,800CAD
ViewView 7054 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasPavement Maintenance (Desert Regional Center)9885,750MJM
ViewView 7510 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoPavement Maintenance and Repair (Nevada Youth Training Center)99175,000MJM
ViewView 7428 DHHSCFSCYCCalientePavement Maintenance (Caliente Youth Center)101102,000MJM
ViewView 7382 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksAdditional Parking Lots (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health)103525,000MJM
ViewView 7388 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksADA Upgrades NNAMHS Bldg. 25 (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)104255,000MCR
ViewView 7431 DHHSCFSCYCCalienteCYC Exterior Insulation System and Window Replacement1051,499,483KAL
ViewView 7507 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoExterior Energy Retrofit 2 Cottages (Nevada Youth Training Center)106335,304RLC
ViewView 7448 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasReplace Windows and Glass Doors (Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)107671,755KAL
ViewView 7357 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksWindow Replacement- Building No. 3 (NNAMHS)108250,000RMO
ViewView 7521 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoDirect Digital Control System Upgrade (Nevada Youth Training Center)109387,500TJD
ViewView 7123 DHHSCFSSNCASLas VegasInstall Perimeter Security Fence (SNCAS)110134,000BJW
ViewView 7358 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksElectrical Upgrade (NNAMHS Building 2)112323,873CAD
ViewView 7072 DHHSCFSNNCASRenoParking Lot Expansion (N. NV Child and Adolescent Services)113110,000MJM
ViewView 7359 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksRoofing Replacement, Building 2 NNAMHS114182,000MHF
ViewView 7372 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksCentral Plant Renovation (NNAMHS Dini-Townsend Psychiatric Hospital)1161,050,000BJB
ViewView 7511 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoUpgrade Irrigation System (Nevada Youth Training Center)118550,000BJW
ViewView 7371 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksReplace Fire-Smoke Dampers (NNAMHS Dini-Townsend Psychiatric Hospital)119117,150BJB
ViewView 7520 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoADA Upgrades Nevada Youth Training Center121145,000MCR
ViewView 7369 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksScan Pen Security System (Dini-Townsend Hospital)122525,000CAD
ViewView 7522 DHHSCFSNYTCElkoADA Upgrades Nevada Youth Training Center123145,000MCR
ViewView 7361 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksCeiling System Replacement Building No. 1 (NNAMHS)124130,000RMO
ViewView 7385 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksTruckee River Irrigation Water Intake (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)1261,277,000BJW
ViewView 7451 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasVCT & Carpet Replacement on Building 1, 2 & 6 (S. NV. Adult Mental Health Services)127236,562KAL
ViewView 7437 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasBuilding 3 Perimeter/Exterior Security Upgrades (Stein Hospital)128185,000KAL
ViewView 7354 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksCeiling System Replacement Building No. 3 (NNAMHS)129138,000RMO
ViewView 7360 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksElevator installation Building No. 3 (NNAMHS)130500,000RMO
ViewView 7383 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksAdvance Planning - Renovation and Seismic Retrofit (Building No. 3 NNAMHS)1316,750,000RMO
ViewView 7387 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksExterior LED Lighting (NNAMHS Campus)132532,000CAD
ViewView 7441 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasHVAC Renovation - Building No. 4 (SNAMHS)13388,500BBM
ViewView 7386 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksRoof Replacement, Building 21134112,800AJL
ViewView 7366 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksDemolition Building 4(NNAMHS)135346,862KRS
ViewView 7389 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksUpgrade Landscaping and Irrigation (Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services)1372,086,500BJW
ViewView 7046 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksDemolition Of Building 10 (NNAMHS Campus)138357,384KRS
ViewView 7453 DHHSPBHSNAMHSLas VegasStorage/Maintenance Building (Southern Nevada Adult Health Services)139588,000KAL
ViewView 7061 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasBuilding Remodel & Add Kitchen (Desert Regional Center #1306)14057,500KAL
ViewView 7055 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasMulti-Purpose Sports Court (Desert Regional Center)141352,050KAL
ViewView 7063 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasRemove Kitchens in S&E Wings (Desert Regional Center #1300)14287,000KAL
ViewView 7064 DHHSADSDDRCLas VegasInterior Remodel (Desert Regional Center #1304)14342,800KAL
ViewView 7338 DHHSADSDSRCSparksLandscaping Upgrades (Sierra Regional Center)1451,367,856RLC
ViewView 7380 DHHSPBHNNAMHSSparksConsolidated Services Facility (NNAMHS)14651,538,400RMO
ViewView 7678 DHHSPBHSNAMHSN. Las VegasSouthern Nevada Forensic Facility14746,462,000KAL

  Office of the Military
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7596g MilitaryMilitaryMilitaryCarlinReplace Sidewalks Elko County Readiness Center 57,600MCR
ViewView 7612a MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGCarlinSecurity Fence Addition (Carlin Readiness Center) 228,600RMO
ViewView 7497 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGSteadHVAC Systems Renovation (Washoe County Armory)3902,000TJD
ViewView 7524 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGN. Las VegasHVAC System Renovation (Clark County Armory)4503,400BBM
ViewView 7599 MilitaryMilitaryMilitaryCarson CityRoof Replacement, USPFO Building5375,000AJL
ViewView 7579 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGLas VegasLighting Upgrade (Las Vegas Readiness Center Site)6244,200JKF
ViewView 7602 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGLas VegasPreventative Pavement Maintenance (Las Vegas Readiness Center)8119,190KEN
ViewView 7582 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGVariousPavement Maintenance (Clark County Armory & Henderson Armory)10117,250MJM
ViewView 7610 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGVariousReplace Overhead Coiling Doors, Seals, and Operators (Various Locations)11310,000KEN
ViewView 7594 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGSteadExterior LED Lighting (Washoe County Armory)12137,500CAD
ViewView 7600 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGCarson CityHVAC Systems Renovation (Office of the Adjutant General)15693,500TJD
ViewView 7608 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGCarlinHVAC Systems Renovation (Carlin Readiness Center)16968,500TJD
ViewView 7595 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGCarlinRecondition Water Storage Tank (Elko County Readiness Center)18190,000BJW
ViewView 7638 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGCarlinModify Wastewater Treatment System (Carlin Readiness Center)19480,000BJW
ViewView 7611 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGCarlinReplace Domestic Water Heaters (Carlin Readiness Center)21394,000TJD
ViewView 7633 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGRenoPackaged Rooftop Unit Replacement and Lighting Upgrade (Plumb Lane Armory)22182,000TJD
ViewView 7598 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGSteadInstall Emergency Generator (Washoe County Armory)23558,000CAD
ViewView 7612 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGRenoSecurity Fence Addition (Washoe County Armory)24390,100RMO
ViewView 7489 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGSteadConstruct Overflow Parking Lot (Harry Reid Training Center)2784,500MJM
ViewView 7584 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGLas VegasDrainage improvements (Las Vegas Readiness Center)2952,551BJW
ViewView 7614 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGN. Las VegasRemodel existing bathrooms and showers (Clark County Armory)30335,165KEN
ViewView 7617 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGHendersonRemodel Men's restroom (Henderson Armory)35182,850KEN
ViewView 7583 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGCarlinReplace Building 6 Overhead Doors (Carlin Readiness Center)38195,390RLC
ViewView 7587 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGSteadNew Loading Dock (Field Maintenance Shop 2)39116,000RLC
ViewView 7586 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGN. Las VegasLoading dock (North Las Vegas Readiness Center)40186,000KEN
ViewView 7471 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGRenoReplace Kitchen Tile Flooring (Plumb Lane Armory)4315,640RLC

  Department of Corrections
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7713 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityTransformer and Conductor Distribution System Replacement (NNCC) 4,470,000BJB
ViewView 7708 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockRoofing Replacement, Infirmary and Educ. Bldg. 2 and Gym, Culinary Bldg. 3. 1,074,600AJL
ViewView 7180d NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsPlumbing Fixture Water Control Renovations (Housing Units 5 through 7 at SDCC) 669,025TJD
ViewView 7538 NDOCWCCWCCWellsPaving and ADA Upgrades (Wells Conservation Camp) 831,000MJM
ViewView 7796 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityCore Services Expansion Master planning (Northern Nevada Correctional Center)  RLC
ViewView 7079 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsTraining Tower & Classroom (Southern Desert Correctional Center)1302,942M_L
ViewView 7082 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityTraining Tower (Northern Nevada Correctional Center)2215,000RLC
ViewView 7081 NDOCESPESPElyTraining Tower & Classroom (Ely State Prison)3343,662M_L
ViewView 7080 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockTraining Tower & Classroom (Lovelock Correctional Center)4457,342RLC
ViewView 7090 NDOCSDCCSDCCVariousUpgrade Water Supply System (Various)65,645,000BJW
ViewView 7091 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsConnect Well 6 to Distribution System (HDSP)7200,400BJW
ViewView 7286 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsSDCC - Gym Roof & Gunpost Upgrades10877,750M_L
ViewView 7180b NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsPlumbing Fixture & Water Control Renovations (Housing Units #1 through #12, High Desert Correctional Center)115,337,440TJD
ViewView 7180c NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsPlumbing Fixture & Water Control Renovations (Housing Units #1 through #4, Southern Desert Correctional Center)112,827,480TJD
ViewView 7180a NDOCLCCLCCLovelockPlumbing Fixture & Water Control Renovations (Housing Units #1 through #6, Lovelock Correctional Center)114,136,220TJD
ViewView 7300 NDOCWSCCWSCCCarson CityHousing Unit (Warm Springs Correctional Center)1238,807,620RLC
ViewView 7560 NDOCECC ElyHazardous Storage Facility (Ely Conservations Camp)1243,850KRS
ViewView 7293 NDOCNDOCNDOCIndian SpringsContinuation: Housing Unit (Southern Desert Correctional Center)1730,210,200M_L
ViewView 7102 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsReplace Finishes and Surveillance (High Desert State Prison -Infirmary/Intake Building)18902,117M_L
ViewView 7283 NDOCFMWCCFMWCCN. Las VegasPlumbing Replacement (FMWCC)23407,481BBM
ViewView 7235 NDOCSCCSCCCarson CityEvaporative Cooler Replacement (Housing Units #1 through #5, Stewart Conservation Camp)25268,750TJD
ViewView 7234 NDOCSCCSCCStewartReplace Windows (Stewart Conservation Camp)26155,900RLC
ViewView 7196 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsPlumbing Renovation - Laundry Room (High Desert State Prison)27376,000BBM
ViewView 7195 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsElectrical Outlet & Cable Upgrades (HDSP)28596,736JKF
ViewView 7104 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsShower Refurbishment Units 1-8 (High Desert State Prison)293,715,000M_L
ViewView 7192 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsExterior Finishes Phase II (High Desert State Prison)311,442,000M_L
ViewView 7166 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsEvaporative Cooler Media Replacement (High Desert State Prison)33113,000BBM
ViewView 7531 NDOCPCCPCCPiochePaving and ADA Parking Upgrades (Pioche Conservation Camp)331,138,500MJM
ViewView 7191 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsEvaporative Cooler Media Replacement (High Desert State Prison)34330,000BBM
ViewView 7578 NDOCECCECCElyPaving and ADA Upgrades (Ely Conservation Camp)34600,000MJM
ViewView 7197 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsUpgrade of Building Door Controls-Phase 3 (HDSP)353,375,000JKF
ViewView 7199 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsBoiler Renovation (High Desert State Prison)371,090,000BBM
ViewView 7118 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockDirect Digital Control System Upgrade (Lovelock Correctional Center)38275,000BJB
ViewView 7273 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockReplace Wastewater Treatment Pond Liners (LCC)401,122,000BJW
ViewView 7287 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsGym Floor Replacement (Southern Desert Correctional Center)42242,200M_L
ViewView 7266a NDOCLCCLCCLovelockContinuation: Replace Air Handling Units at Building 2 (LCC)44820,000BJB
ViewView 7124 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockRemodel Shower Enclosures (Lovelock Correctional Center)472,784,000RLC
ViewView 7311 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityHVAC Systems Renovations (Administration, Operations, & Unit 6, Northern Nevada Correctional Center)50746,500TJD
ViewView 7302 NDOCWSCCWSCCCarson CityExterior Sealing (Warm Springs Correctional Center)51418,105RLC
ViewView 7155 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityReplace Exterior Doors and Windows (NNCC Housing Units 4, 5, & 6)522,769,170RLC
ViewView 7297 NDOCWSCCWSCCCarson CityRestroom Remodel & Fixture Replacement (Housing Units #1 & #2, Warm Springs Correctional Center)53890,105TJD
ViewView 7322 NDOCESPESPElyBoiler Replacement (Ely State Prison)562,664,500BBM
ViewView 7264 NDOCCCCCCCCarlinShower Improvements (Carlin Conservation Camp)57540,840RLC
ViewView 7276 NDOCECCECCElyShower and Bathroom Renovations (Ely Conservation Camp)59378,160M_L
ViewView 7532 NDOCTCCTCCTonopahPaving and ADA Parking Upgrades (Tonopah Conservation Camp)60915,000MJM
ViewView 7275 NDOCPCCPCCPiocheShower Replacement (Pioche Honor Camp)60558,000M_L
ViewView 7114 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockCulinary Flooring Replacement (Lovelock Correctional Center)62532,325RLC
ViewView 7320 NDOCESPESPElyHVAC Replacement - Building 9 (Ely State Prison)63710,000BBM
ViewView 7274 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsReplace Liner and Enlarge Wastewater Ponds 1 & 2 (SDCC)652,950,000BJW
ViewView 7290 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsDoor Replacement - Units 1 5 6 & 7 (Southern Desert Correctional Center)664,309,600M_L
ViewView 7167 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockInstall Water Tank Bypass Valves & Water Meter Lovelock Correctional Center6741,000BJW
ViewView 7526 NDOCHCCHCCWinnemuccaExterior Led Lighting (HCC)68315,500CAD
ViewView 7105 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsTemperature Control System Replacement (High Desert State Prison)691,300,000BBM
ViewView 7106 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsDishwasher Replacement (High Desert State Prison)70460,000BBM
ViewView 7193 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsAir Handler Replacement - Activity Building (High Desert State Prison)711,175,000BBM
ViewView 7168 NDOCJCCJCCJeanHVAC and Kitchen Renovation (Jean Conservation Camp)72267,650BBM
ViewView 7111 NDOCJCCJCCJeanReplace Domestic Water Line (Jean Conservation Camp)7372,500BJW
ViewView 7233 NDOCSCCSCCStewartCulinary Renovation (Stewart Conservation Camp)74268,706RLC
ViewView 7232 NDOCTCCTCCTonopahHeating System Renovation (TCC)75353,500BBM
ViewView 7254 NDOCPCCPCCPiocheReplace Sanitary Sewer Lift Station (Pioche Conservation Camp)76255,000BJW
ViewView 7231 NDOCTCCTCCTonopahShowers Restrooms & Culinary Remodel (Tonopah Honor Camp)77757,855M_L
ViewView 7281 NDOCFMWCCFMWCCLas VegasReplace High Mast Lighting (FMWCC)78151,200JKF
ViewView 7284 NDOCFMWCCFMWCCN. Las VegasPlumbing Fixture Replacement (FMWCC)791,032,000BBM
ViewView 7305 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityEmergency Generator (NNCC - Unit 7)81344,000CAD
ViewView 7304 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityTower #3 Sally Port and Office (Northern Nevada Correctional Center)82455,600RLC
ViewView 7263 NDOCHCCHCCWinnemuccaShower Improvements (Humboldt Conservation Camp)84343,150RLC
ViewView 7261 NDOCCCCCCCCarlinMultipurpose Gymnasium Improvements (Carlin Conservation Camp)8558,972RLC
ViewView 7291 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsReplace Security Glazing (Southern Desert Correctional Center)87276,000M_L
ViewView 7278 NDOCECCECCElyInstall Perimeter Lighting (ECC)88250,000CAD
ViewView 7074 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsUpgrade Wastewater Treatment Headworks (Southern Desert Correctional Center)89535,000BJW
ViewView 7262 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockFiring Range Improvements (Lovelock Correctional Center)90945,000RLC
ViewView 7157 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsReplace Perimeter Security Fence (Southern Desert Correctional Center)924,336,000BJW
ViewView 7158 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsInstall Perimeter Shaker Fence (Southern Desert Correctional Center)932,369,000BJW
ViewView 7078 NDOCNDOCNDOCLas VegasHVAC Replacement (Casa Grande Transitional Housing Facility)94739,000BBM
ViewView 7318 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityNew Armory, Locksmith, Mail & Maintenance Building (NNCC)951,710,750RLC
ViewView 7319 NDOCNDOCNDOCCarson CityRemodel Housing Unit 3 to Skilled Nursing Facility (NNCC)98643,600RMO
ViewView 7160 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsAdmin & Gatehouse Expansion (Southern Desert Correctional Center)991,245,500M_L
ViewView 7299 NDOCWSCCWSCCCarson CityNew Administration Building (Warm Springs Correctional Center)1003,918,000RLC
ViewView 7298 NDOCWSCCWSCCCarson CityNew Maintenance Shop (Warm Springs Correctional Center)1011,456,750RLC
ViewView 7285 NDOCFMWCCFMWCCN. Las VegasWarehouse & Maintenance Bldg (Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center)1023,151,500M_L
ViewView 7259 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockWarehouse Expansion (Lovelock Correctional Center)1033,268,000RLC
ViewView 7083 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockReplace Surveillance Camera System (Lovelock Correctional Center)1051,916,500CAD
ViewView 7268 NDOCCCCCCCCarlinReplace Perimeter Security Fence (Carlin Conservation Camp)106207,500BJW
ViewView 7237 NDOCSCCSCCCarson CityUpgrade Perimeter Security Fence (SCC)107172,500BJW
ViewView 7238 NDOCSCCSCCCarson CityReplace CATV Head-End Equipment & Cabling (SCC)10880,000CAD
ViewView 7296 NDOCWSCCWSCCCarson CityGuard Tower (Warm Springs Correctional Center)109929,500RLC
ViewView 7141 NDOCWSCCWSCCCarson CitySecurity Cameras (Warm Springs Correctional Center)110957,500CAD
ViewView 7161 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsSecurity Cameras (Southern Desert Correctional Center)1111,902,500JKF
ViewView 7198 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsSecurity Cameras (High Desert State Prison)1122,417,400JKF
ViewView 7163 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsInstall Perimeter Shaker Fence (High Desert State Prison)1132,142,500BJW
ViewView 7140 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsUpgrade Perimeter Security Fence (High Desert State Prison)1141,356,800BJW
ViewView 7308 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityCCTV System (NNCC - CCTV System)115450,000CAD
ViewView 7295 NDOCTLVTLVIndian SpringsSecurity Cameras Upgrade (TLVCC)116652,500JKF
ViewView 7289 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsAdvance Planning: Gun post Additions (Southern Desert Correctional Center)117 M_L
ViewView 7075 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsAdvance Planning: Replace Perimeter Security Fence (SDCC)1186,705,000BJW
ViewView 7130 NDOCNDOCNDOCVariousReplace High Mast Lighting ( LCC NNCC WSCC HDSP ESP)1193,200,000CAD
ViewView 7165 NDOCESPESPElyReplace High Mast Lighting (ESP)120510,000CAD
ViewView 7188 NDOCNDOCNDOCVariousHVAC Systems Re-Commissioning (Various NDOC Locations)122171,000BJB
ViewView 7187 NDOCNDOCNDOCVariousSolar Hot Water System Installation (Department of Corrections, Various Sites)123765,000TJD
ViewView 7183 NDOCNDOCNDOCLovelockSolar Surge Protection (SDCC, NNCC, JCC & LCC)124150,000CAD
ViewView 7181 NDOCNDOCNDOCVariousExterior Wall Insulation at ESP, WCC, ECC, PCC, HCC, CCC & LCC1253,535,200M_L
ViewView 7309 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityInsulate Exterior Walls Units 1 - 5 & 10 (Northern Nevada Correctional Center)126478,675RLC
ViewView 7312 NDOCNNCCNNCCVariousReplace High Mast Lighting (NNCC)129722,000CAD
ViewView 7294 NDOCTLVTLVIndian SpringsReplace High Mast Lighting (Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp)130360,000JKF
ViewView 7256 NDOCWCCWCCWellsPerimeter Lighting (WCC)131300,000CAD
ViewView 7077 NDOCCGTHCGTHLas VegasRoofing Replacement, Casa Grande1321,065,500MHF
ViewView 7267 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockRoofing Replacement, LCC Housing Units 1 and 21361,024,800AJL
ViewView 7253 NDOCPCCPCCPiocheRoofing Replacement, PCC All Buildings138383,223AJL
ViewView 7236 NDOCSCCSCCCarson CityRoof Replacement, SCC Housing Units 1-5.139278,250AJL
ViewView 7313 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityAccess and Perimeter Road Upgrades (Northern Nevada Correctional Center)140522,000MJM
ViewView 7292 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsComplete and Re-align Perimeter Road (Southern Desert Correctional Center)141305,900MJM
ViewView 7279 NDOCESPESPElyPavement Maintenance and Repairs (Ely State Prison)142220,000MJM
ViewView 7125 NDOCLCCLCCLovelockCrack Seal and Slurry Seal Perimeter and Interior Road (Lovelock CC)143218,800MJM
ViewView 7101 NDOCHDSPHDSPIndian SpringsParking Lot Repair and New Paving (High Desert State Prison)144552,596MJM
ViewView 7127 NDOCNDOCNDOCJeanPavement Maintenance and Replacement (Southern NV Correctional Center)146418,500MJM
ViewView 7087 NDOCPCCPCCPiochePaving and ADA Parking Upgrades (Pioche Conservation Camp)1471,138,500MJM
ViewView 7103 NDOCTCCTCCTonopahPaving and ADA Parking Upgrades (Tonopah Conservation Camp)150915,000MJM
ViewView 7084 NDOCESPESPElyReplace Sidewalks (Ely State Prison)151240,000MCR
ViewView 7143 NDOCWSCCWSCCCarson CityPavement Replacement (Warm Spring Correctional Center)153226,157MCR
ViewView 7463 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsArmory Replacement (Southern Desert Correctional Center)154982,900M_L
ViewView 7277 NDOCECC ElyFire Sprinkler Installation (Ely Conservation Camp)154830,370KRS
ViewView 7255 NDOCWCCWCCWellsFire Sprinkler Installation (Wells Conservation Camp)155397,064KRS
ViewView 7465 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsReplace Cell Toilets & Sinks At Housing Units 1-7 (Southern Desert Correctional Center)1566,017,200M_L
ViewView 7303 NDOCNNCCNNCCCarson CityDoors, Locks & Controls (NNCC - Unit 7)1573,360,000CAD
ViewView 7464 NDOCTLVTLVIndian SpringsPave Staff Parking Lot (Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp)15785,000MJM
ViewView 7282 NDOCFMWCCFMWCCN. Las VegasFood Cuff Ports at Units 7,8,10,11 (Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center)158198,000M_L
ViewView 7466 NDOCSDCCSDCCIndian SpringsNDOC Housing Fire Sprinkler Installation (Southern Desert Correction Center)1581,575,890KRS
ViewView 7481 NDOCNDOCNDOCIndian SpringsAdvance Planning: Regional Medical Facility (Southern Desert Correctional Center)15855,482,693M_L
ViewView 7525 NDOCCCCCCCCarlinExterior LED Lighting (Carlin Conservation Camp)15873,000CAD

  Nevada System of Higher Education
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7478 NSHEUNRUNRRenoChilled Water Plant Expansion & Site Piping Extension (University of Nevada, Reno) 3,835,000TJD
ViewView 7523 NSHEDRIDRILas VegasHeat Pump and Piping Replacement (Desert Research Institute) 1,560,500BBM
ViewView 7485 NSHEUNRUNRRenoRepair Building Envelopes (UNR) 1,024,381RLC
ViewView 7810 NSHENSHENSHEVariousDeferred Maintenance (HECC/SHECC) 13,859,128WDP
ViewView 7484 NSHEUNRUNRRenoRoof Replacement, (5 Buildings for UNR) 1,985,250AJL
ViewView 7483 NSHEUNRUNRRenoAir Handler Replacement & Control System Upgrade (University of Nevada, Reno) 3,587,000TJD
ViewView 7482 NSHEUNRUNRRenoReplace 4KV Electrical System (South Portion of UNR Campus) 4,990,000CAD
ViewView 7486 NSHEDRIDRILas VegasAdvance Planning: Southern Nevada Science Center (Desert Research Institute) 35,904,400RLC
ViewView 7480 NSHEUNRUNRRenoRenovate Classrooms 779,000RLC
ViewView 7379 NSHETMCCTMCCRenoMechanical Shaft Fire Protection Upgrades (TMCC Red Mountain Building) 184,000RMO
ViewView 7665 NSHEUNLVUNLVLas VegasBuilding Upgrades (UNLV Carlson Education Building) 4,182,978LAR
ViewView 7378 NSHETMCCTMCCRenoRenovate Exterior Finishes (TMCC Red Mountain Building) 2,378,000RMO
ViewView 7699 NSHEWNCWNCVariousADA and Safety Retrofits (Various Buildings at WNC Campuses) 519,500MCR
ViewView 7700 NSHEWNCWNCFallonAdvance Planning: Replace Multi-Zone HVAC Unit (Sage Hall at WNC Fallon Campus) 139,000BJB
ViewView 7701 NSHEWNCWNCFallonReplace Packaged HVAC Units (Pinion Hall at WNC Fallon Campus) 130,000BJB
ViewView 7654 NSHEGBCGBCElkoWelding Lab Expansion (Great Basin College)12,386,600RMO
ViewView 7377 NSHEWNCWNCCarson CityChemistry and Cadaver Lab Remodel and Expansion (WNC)11,334,150RLC
ViewView 7462 NSHETMCCTMCCRenoNorthern Nevada Advanced Manufacturing Center (TMCC)1 RLC
ViewView 7642 NSHECSNCSNHendersonContinuation: Health and Sciences Building (College of Southern Nevada)141,050,050KAL
ViewView 7660 NSHENSCNSCHendersonContinuation: Education Academic Building (Nevada State College)121,180,000KAL
ViewView 7641 NSHECSNCSNLas VegasAdvanced Planning; North West Campus (College of Southern Nevada)231,895,560KAL
ViewView 7656 NSHEGBCGBCElkoHVAC Systems Renovation (Theater & Leonard Buildings, Great Basin College)2632,500TJD
ViewView 7661 NSHENSCNSCHendersonLobby Renovation (Nevada State College)259,400KAL
ViewView 7664 NSHEUNLVUNLVLas VegasContinuation: UNLV College of Engineering Academic and Research Building231,376,925KAL
ViewView 7667 NSHEUNLVUNLVLas VegasInfrastructure Improvements (UNLV Beam Hall)23,985,881KAL
ViewView 7640 NSHECSNCSNN. Las VegasLibrary Renovation/Seismic Retrofit and Central Plant Structure (CSN)31,647,086KAL
ViewView 7655 NSHEGBCGBCElkoHVAC Systems Renovation and Lighting Upgrade (Great Basin College, Berg Hall)31,048,000TJD
ViewView 7662 NSHENSCNSCHendersonLab Conversion (Nevada State College)32,100,000KAL
ViewView 7671 NSHEUNLVUNLVLas VegasAdvance Planning: Campus Water Line Infrastructure Improvements (UNLV)34,500,000BJW
ViewView 7657 NSHEGBCGBCVariousConstruct Parking Lots (Great Basin College)51,122,500BJW
ViewView 7647 NSHEWNCWNCVariousBoiler Plant Renovations (Multiple Western Nevada College Buildings)5580,000BJB

  Nevada Commision on POST
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7487 POSTPOSTPOSTCarson CityConstruct Northern Nevada Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (POST)14,064,500BJW

  Department of Public Safety
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7241 PubSafePubSafePubSafeCarson CityAdvance Planning - Headquarters Building (Department of Public Safety)150,612,800RMO

  Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7345 T&CultAffrMusHistMuseumCarson CityAdvance Planning: Artifact Storage Facility Expansion (Indian Hills Curatorial Center) 5,253,400RMO
ViewView 7247a T&CultAffrMusHistBCRRMBoulder CityAdvance Planning - Visitor's Center - Nevada State Railroad Museum (Boulder City) 4,006,800RMO
ViewView 7712 T&CultAffrMusHistRR_MusBoulder CityPavement Maintenance at the Boulder City RR Museum 38,604MJM
ViewView 7434 T&CultAffrMusHistLostCityOvertonExterior Lighting System (Lost City Museum) 339,000JKF
ViewView 7069 T&CultAffrMusHistLostCityOvertonReplace Sanitary Sewer and Upgrade Bathroom (Lost City Museum)385,000BJW
ViewView 7247 T&CultAffrMusHistBCRRMBoulder CityVisitor's Center - Nevada State Railroad Museum (Boulder City)44,006,800RMO
ViewView 7094 T&CultAffrMusHistMuseumLas VegasReplace Lighting and Surveillance Systems (Nevada State Museum Las Vegas)5630,000JKF
ViewView 7067 T&CultAffrMusHistCCRRMCarson CitySecurity Alarm System & Pole Lighting (Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City)6695,200CAD
ViewView 7415 T&CultAffrMusHistMuseumCarson CityRoofing Replacement, Nevada State Museum, Carson City7342,500MHF
ViewView 7455 T&CultAffrMusHistEERRMElyEnergy Upgrades - Nevada State Railroad Museum (Ely)8136,000BBM
ViewView 7390 T&CultAffrMusHistMusHistCarson CityUpgrade Heating and Air Conditioning (Marjorie Russell Research Center)1151,000BJB
ViewView 7391 T&CultAffrMusHistMusHistCarson CityUpgrade Heating and Install Air Conditioning (Indian Hills Curatorial Center)13301,000BJB
ViewView 7066 T&CultAffrMusHistCCRRMCarson CityReplace Exterior Doors, Nevada State Railroad Museum14181,440RLC
ViewView 7045 T&CultAffrMusHistMuseumOvertonFire Suppression Installation (Lost City Museum)15376,419KRS
ViewView 7460 T&CultAffrMusHistHistSocRenoHVAC System Renovation (Nevada Historical Society)17155,000BJB
ViewView 7108 T&CultAffrMusHistMuseumLas VegasRoofing Replacement, Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas191,002,000MHF
ViewView 7456 T&CultAffrMusHistMuseumElyFire Sprinkler Installation (Ely Railroad Museum)20798,010KRS
ViewView 7250 T&CultAffrMusHistBCRRMBoulder CityExtend Display Pavilion (Boulder City Railroad Museum)21473,400KEN
ViewView 7068 T&CultAffrMusHistRR_MusCarson CityConstruct Fire Road (Nevada State Railroad Museum)23256,000MJM
ViewView 7065 T&CultAffrMusHistCCRRMCarson CityMcKeen Car Addition (Jacobsen Interpretive Center)242,663,100RMO
ViewView 7433 T&CultAffrMusHistMuseumCarson CityPavement Replacement (Marjorie Russell)2566,700MJM

  Department of Veterans Services
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7788 VetSvcVetCemVetCemBoulder CityADA Sidewalks (Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery) 13,350MCR
ViewView 7636a VetSvcVetCemVetCemFernleySite Improvements (Northern Nevada Veterans Cemetery) 85,000MJM
ViewView 7646 VetSvcVetCemVetCemFernleySurface Water Irrigation (Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery)1916,000BJW
ViewView 7630 VetSvcVetSvcVetSvcBoulder CityCongregate Bathroom Renovations (Vets Home)1364,000KAL
ViewView 7334 VetSvcNSVHNSVHBoulder CityTemperature Controls Replacement (Nevada State Veteran's Home)1267,000BBM
ViewView 7634 VetSvcVetSvcVetSvcFernleyPavilion Renovation (NNVMC)257,500RLC
ViewView 7619 VetSvcVetCemVetCemBoulder CityChapel Remodel (Southern Nevada Veteran's Memorial Cemetery)235,946KAL
ViewView 7643 VetSvcVetSvcVetSvcFernleyAdditional Service Structure (NNVMC)4310,000RLC
ViewView 7620 VetSvcVetSvcVetSvcBoulder CityPavement Maintenance and Miscellaneous Repairs474,350MJM
ViewView 7644 VetSvcVetSvcVetSvcFernleyNew Maintenance Shop (NNVMC)5682,000RLC
ViewView 7616 VetSvcVetCemVetCemBoulder CityVeterans Memorial Cemetery Interior and Exterior Painting558,500KAL
ViewView 7622 VetSvcVetCemVetCemBoulder CityInstall Water Softening System (Veteran's Cemetery)817,000BBM
ViewView 7627 VetSvcVetSvcVetSvcBoulder CityQuail Drive Improvements (Office of Veterans Services)10676,000KAL
ViewView 7621 VetSvcVetSvcVetSvcBoulder CityRoofing Replacement, Chapel12218,400MHF

  Department of Wildlife
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7603 WildlifeWildlifeWildlifeYeringtonRoofing Replacement (Wildlife Rearing Station Building)3131,000MHF
ViewView 7601 WildlifeWildlifeWildlifeYeringtonInstallation of Culvert483,830MHF
ViewView 7631 WildlifeWildlifeWildlifeElyStorage and Carport Facility (Ely Field Office)5429,000KEN
ViewView 7607 WildlifeWildlifeWildlifeElyOffice Upgrades and Addition (Ely Field Office)6714,600KEN
ViewView 7668 WildlifeWildlifeWildlifeOvertonCovered Storage Buildings (Department of Wildlife)71,131,000KEN

  Department of Motor Vehicles
2017 App2017 CIPAppIDDepartmentDivisionAgencyLocationTitleDept RankTotal CostPM
ViewView 7414 DMVDMVDMVRenoADA Restroom Upgrades Reno DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles)4669,400MCR

Removed Projects

The following list of prior projects have been removed from consideration for the 2019 CIP. The Department may request any of these projects to be considered for the 2019 CIP by emailing

  Funded Projects
7210 AdminAdminAdminGutter Replacement, Laxalt BuildingFundedMHF
7397 AdminAdminAdminRoofing Replacement and Roof Seismic Stabilization (Heroes Memorial Building Annex)FundedRMO
7200 AdminSPWDB&GReplace Domestic and Fire Water Main (Stewart Facility)FundedBJW
7203 AdminSPWDB&GVentilation & Temperature Control System Upgrades (Stewart Buildings 6 & 107)FundedDBN
7211 AdminSPWDB&GExterior Renovation (Nevada State Capitol and Annex Building)FundedRMO
7228 AdminSPWDB&GBuilding Demolition (Kinkead Building)FundedKRS
7240 AdminSPWDB&GUpgrade Electric Power Transformers, Switches & Submetering (Stewart Campus)FundedCAD
7242 AdminSPWDB&GCentral Plant Renovation (Supreme Court Building) - Phase 2FundedDBN
7324 AdminSPWDB&GComplete Phone & Data Network (Stewart Campus)FundedCAD
7403 AdminSPWDB&GUpgrade Electrical Distribution & Circuitry (Attorney General's Complex)FundedCAD
7408 AdminSPWDB&GReplace exterior entry doors and glazing systems (DMV East & West Wings)FundedRMO
7417 AdminSPWDB&GLighting Upgrades (DMV & NHP Facilities Managed By B&G)FundedCAD
7672h AdminSPWDB&GReplace Plumbing Fixtures (DMV Building in Carson City)FundedDBN
7692 AdminSPWDB&GGenerator Replacement (DMV Carson City)FundedCAD
7695 AdminSPWDB&GRoof Replacement and Roof Seismic Stabilization (Old Gym - Stewart)FundedRMO
7698 AdminSPWDB&GCentral Plant Renovation (Sawyer Building)FundedBBM
7844 AdminSPWDB&GCentral Plant and Control System Upgrades (NHP Headquarters)FundedTJD
7801g5 AdminSPWDSPWDStatewide Roofing Program (Military)FundedAJL
7801h AdminSPWDSPWDRoofing Replacement, Henderson DMV and Inspection StationFundedMHF
7801z AdminSPWDSPWDStatewide Roofing ProgramFundedMHF
7802 AdminSPWDSPWDStatewide ADA ProgramFundedMCR
7803z AdminSPWDSPWDStatewide Fire & Life Safety ProgramFundedKRS
7804 AdminSPWDSPWDStatewide Advance Planning ProgramFundedWDP
7805h AdminSPWDSPWDDMV Pavement Maintenance & Construction (Carson City DMV)FundedMJM
7806 AdminSPWDSPWDStatewide Indoor Air Quality - EnvironmentalFundedKRS
7809 AdminSPWDSPWDStatewide Building Official ProgramFundedWDP
7539 CNRForestryForestryHVAC System Renovation (Elko Interagency Dispatch Center)FundedDBN
7575 CNRForestryForestryHVAC System Renovation (Minden Interagency Dispatch Center)FundedDBN
7047 DHHSADSDDRCSecurity System Installation (Desert Regional Center)FundedCAD
7073 DHHSADSDDRCReplace Emergency Generator (Desert Regional Center)FundedCAD
7425 DHHSCFSCYCHVAC Replacement - Multiple Buildings (Caliente Youth Center)FundedBBM
7427 DHHSCFSCYCCommunications System Upgrade (Caliente Youth Center)FundedCAD
7092 DHHSCFSNNCASEmergency Generator Upgrade (NNCAS)FundedCAD
7502 DHHSCFSNYTCCommunications System Upgrade (NYTC)FundedCAD
7503 DHHSCFSNYTC HVAC System Upgrade [Administration]Funded 
7506 DHHSCFSNYTCHVAC Systems Renovation (Nevada Youth Training Center, Gym Building)FundedTJD
7115 DHHSCFSSNCASBoiler Replacement (Desert Willow Treatment Center)FundedBBM
7116 DHHSCFSSNCASChiller Replacement (Building No. 7)FundedBBM
7117 DHHSCFSSNCASHVAC Replacement (Buildings 11, 13, and 14)FundedBBM
7475 DHHSCFSSVYCCDoors, Locks & Mechanisms Replacement (Summit View Youth Correctional Center)FundedJJD
7649 DHHSPBHLakesAir Handling Unit Replacement (Lake's Crossing)FundedDBN
7650 DHHSPBHLakes CrossingLakes Crossing (phase 2) ductwork replacement project.Funded 
7363 DHHSPBHNNAMHSAir Handling Unit Replacement (NNAMHS Administration Building 1)FundedDBN
7368 DHHSPBHNNAMHSAccess Control System (Dini-Townsend Hospital)FundedCAD
7374 DHHSPBHNNAMHSChiller Replacement (NNAMHS Building 8)FundedDBN
7344 DHHSPBHSNAMHSUpgrade Access Door Controls (Rawson Neal Psychiatric Hospital)FundedCAD
7409 DHHSPBHSNAMHSEmergency Generator And Transfer Switch Replacement (Building 3-Stein Hospital)FundedCAD
7435 DHHSPBHSNAMHSTemperature Controls Replacement (SNAMHS)FundedBBM
7443 DHHSPBHSNAMHSProtective Barriers at Nursing StationsFundedLAR
7000 DMVDMVDMVDMV Facility in South RenoFundedRMO
7599 MilitaryMilitaryMilitaryRoof Replacement, USPFO BuildingFundedAJL
7702 MilitaryNArmyNG NArmyNGWater Service Replacement (Fairview Complex)FundedBJW
7470 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGPower Service Upgrade (United States Property & Fiscal Office)FundedCAD
7489 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGConstruct Overflow Parking Lot (Harry Reid Training Center)FundedMJM
7490 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGPower Service Upgrade (Army Aviation Support Facility)FundedCAD
7491 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGRemodel Restrooms & Showers (AASF)FundedRLC
7582 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGPavement Maintenance (Clark County Armory & Henderson Armory)FundedMJM
7587 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGNew Loading Dock (Field Maintenance Shop 2)FundedRLC
7590 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGCentral Plant Renovation and Building Remodel (Carlin Readiness Center)FundedTJD
7597 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGPower Service Upgrade (Plumb Lane Armory)FundedCAD
7795 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGNational Guard Readiness Center (North Las Vegas)FundedRLC
7090A NDOCECCECCInstall Water Storage Tank (Ely Conservation Camp)FundedBJW
7321 NDOCESPESPHeat Exchanger Replacement (Ely State Prison)FundedBBM
7126 NDOCFMWCCFMWCCReplace Transformers (FMWCC)FundedCAD
7280 NDOCFMWCCFMWCCUpgrade Intercom, Door Controls & Security Camera Systems (FMWCC)FundedCAD
7179 NDOCHCCHCCWater Supply Nitrate Treatment (Humboldt Conservation Camp)FundedKRS
7090B NDOCHDSPHDSPInstall Water Storage Tank & Connect Well 6 (HDSP)FundedBJW
7190 NDOCHDSPHDSPPower Panel & Switchgear Infrared Survey (HDSP)FundedCAD
7197 NDOCHDSPHDSPUpgrade of Building Door Controls-Phase 2 (HDSP)FundedCAD
7085 NDOCLCCLCC 5053 - LCC Roof Top Units Phase IFunded 
7266b NDOCLCCLCCReplace Air Handling Units at Building 3 (Lovelock Correctional Center)FundedDBN
7270 NDOCLCCLCC5623 - LCC- Upgrade Doors and Door Control Panels Phase IIFunded 
7271 NDOCLCCLCC5291 - LCC- Replacement of Heat ExchangersFunded 
7272 NDOCLCCLCC5296 - LCC Warehouse RefrigerationFunded 
7086 NDOCNNCCNNCCNNCC ADA Retrofit (Northern Nevada Correctional Center)FundedMCR
7156 NDOCNNCCNNCCReplace Locks, Control Panels, Distress Buttons and wing gates (NNCC)FundedCAD
7306 NDOCNNCCNNCCPlumbing Fixture & Water Control Renovations (Housing Units #1 through #7, Northern Nevada Correctional Center)FundedTJD
7310 NDOCNNCCNNCCHVAC System Renovation, Regional Medical Facility (Northern Nevada Correctional Center)FundedTJD
7713 NDOCNNCCNNCCHeating Water and Domestic Hot Water Distribution System Replacement (NNCC)FundedDBN
7171 NDOCSCCSCCRemodel Showers & Restrooms (5 Housing Units - Stewart Conservation Camp)FundedRLC
7180z NDOCSDCCSDCCPlumbing Fixture Water Control Renovations (Housing Units 1 through 4 at SDCC)FundedTJD
7346 NDOCSDCCSDCCLightning Protection (Southern Desert Correctional Center)FundedCAD
7720 NDOCSDCCSDCCUpgrade Site Water Pressure Control (SDCC)FundedBJW
7980 NDOCSDCCSDCCBuilding Systems and Finishes Renovation (SDCC Housing Unit 8)FundedBBM
7185 NDOCWCCWCCBoiler Plant Upgrades (Wells Conservation Camp)FundedTJD
7189 NDOCWCCWCCUpgrade Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WCC)FundedBJW
7381 NDOCWCCWCCDomestic Water Pump House Replacement (Wells Conservation Camp)FundedTJD
7663 NSHEUNLVUNLVFurniture, Fixture & Equipment for the UNLV Hotel College Academic BuildingFundedLAR
7609 NSHEUNRUNRNew Engineering Building (UNR)FundedRLC
7681 T&CultAffrIndian CommisionIndian CommisionCultural and Welcome Centers (Stewart Campus)FundedRMO
7459 T&CultAffrMusHistHistSocRefurbish Compact Shelving (Nevada Historical Society Building)FundedRMO
7159 T&CultAffrMusHistMuseumRemodel Loading Dock (Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas)FundedCSB
7418 T&CultAffrMusHistMusHistBoiler Plant Renovation (Nevada State Museum in Carson City)FundedDBN
7639 VetSvcNSVHNSVHAir Handler Renovation (Nevada State Veteran's Home)FundedBBM
7648 VetSvcNSVHNSVHSecondary Water Treatment Installation (Veteran's Home)FundedKRS
7843 VetSvcVetSvcVetSvcNorthern Nevada Veterans HomeFundedRLC
7329 WildlifeWildlifeWildlifeWater System Improvements (Mason Valley WMA Headquarters)FundedBJW

7556  CNRForestryN/ARemoved 
7561  CNRForestryN/ARemoved 
7563  CNRForestryN/ARemoved 
7564  CNRForestryN/ARemoved 
7099  CNRParksPlanningRemoved 
7509  DHHSChild Family ServicesNYTCRemoved 
7398 AdminAdminAdminRoof Replacement, Nevada State Library and ArchivesUnder WarrantyMHF
7399 AdminAdminAdminRoofing Replacement, Supreme Court BuildingCompletedMHF
7400 AdminAdminAdminRoofing Replacement, Blasdel Building Under WarrantyMHF
7401 AdminAdminAdminRoofing Replacement, CC Education and Mail Services BuildingsCompletedAJL
7215 AdminSPWDB&GNew HVAC system for the Mail Room at the Grant Sawyer buildingCompleted 
7245 AdminSPWDB&GCampos ParkingWithdrawn by Agency 
7535 CNRForestryForestryParking Lot Maintenance (NDF Northern HQ)Completed 
7471 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGReplace Kitchen Tile Flooring (Plumb Lane Armory)WithdrawnRLC
7495 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGFlight Operations Drainage Improvements (AASF)Other Funding 
7557 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGFlooring Upgrades (Washoe County Armory)Withdrawn 
7635 MilitaryNArmyNGNArmyNGReplace Make-Up Air Units (Combined Support Maintenance Shop)Other Funding 
7474 NSHEUNRUNRAdvance Planning: High Temperature Hot Water Piping Replacement (UNR)University Funded 
7479 NSHEUNRUNRRenovate Chemistry BuildingUniversity Funded 

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