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SPWD Project Managers have compiled the following data from previous CIP Application Subbmittals. Please review the data, if any adjustments need to be made please contact SPWD.

Application ID: 7713
Project Title: Heating Water and Domestic Hot Water Distribution System Replacement (NNCC)
Agency: NNCC
Division: NNCC
Department: NDOC
Project Manager: DBN
Description: Replace existing heating water piping and install new domestic hot water piping between the central boiler plant and the buildings across the NNCC site.
Location: Carson City
DI_Location_2: 0
Project Description: The scope of work for this project is to replace the entire heating water distribution system serving the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. The existing steel piping will be replaced with a pre-insulated polyethylene piping system that has a much longer life expectancy and has superior characteristics with regard to chemical corrosion. The project will also include a new domestic hot water distribution system (to be installed at the same time that the heating system piping is being replaced). This project was developed as part of a 2015 CIP advance planning project (15-P01).

SPWD Construction Cost Estimate from June 2016

Line Item Cost
1 Trenching, Backfill, & Security Fencing 1,250,000
2 Hardscape & Landscape Removal/Replacement 150,000
3 Pre-Insulated Heating Water Piping (15,000 lf @ $70/lf) 1,050,000
4 Pre-Insulated Domestic HW Piping (15,000 lf @ $50/lf) 750,000
5 Piping Inside Individual Buildings 100,000
6 Flushing, Cleaning, & Chemical Treatment 120,000
7 Testing, Balancing, & Commissioning 50,000
9 Added Cost If 2nd Correctional Officer Is Not Provided 1,000,000
Total 4,470,000