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SPWD Project Managers have compiled the following data from previous CIP Application Subbmittals. Please review the data, if any adjustments need to be made please contact SPWD.

Application ID: 7699
Project Title: ADA and Safety Retrofits (Various Buildings at WNC Campuses)
Agency: WNC
Division: WNC
Department: NSHE
Project Manager: MCR
Description: Barrier removal at WNC Campuses in Carson City, Fallon, and Douglas County.
Location: Various
DI_Location_2: 0
Project Description: The scope of this project is to conduct ADA and safety retrofits from design development through construction. The project will provide for retrofits at the Western Nevada College Carson City campus in the Aspen, Butti, Cedar, Reynolds and Cord buildings and at the Fallon and Douglas campuses. The project will remove and replace non-compliant walkways, stairs, handrails, non-compliant restroom features, drinking fountains, ramps, and interior and exterior signage. The project will also add new sidewalks to connect buildings on the site with an accessible route.

SPWD Construction Cost Estimate from June 2016

Line Item Cost
1 Aspen: Upgrade Elevator Controls & 3 Sets of Stairs 40,000
2 Butti-Cedar: Restroom Remodel, Stairs Upgrade 73,500
3 El Cord-Reynolds: Restroom Remodel 31,500
4 Technology to Trades Corridor: Access & Signage 150,000
5 Fallon: Access Route Modifications (7,000 sf @ $12/sf) 84,000
6 Fallon: Signage Interior & Exterior 10,000
7 Fallon: Install Hi/Low Drink Fountain (3 ea @ $4,500/ea) 13,500
8 Fallon: Accessible Counters (2 ea @ $2,000/ea) 4,000
9 Fallon: Accessible Lab Counters (3 ea @ $4,500/ea) 13,500
10 Fallon: Eye Wash Station (2 ea @ $2,500/ea) 5,000
11 Fallon: Restroom Remodel (6 ea @ $10,000/ea) 60,000
13 Fallon: Access to Class Doors (10 ea @ $2,000/lf) 20,000
14 Douglas: Restroom Remodel (2 ea @ $5,000/sf) 10,000
15 Douglas: Accessible Lab Counter 4,500
16 Douglas: Accessible Eye Wash Station 2,500
Total 519,500