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SPWD Project Managers have compiled the following data from previous CIP Application Subbmittals. Please review the data, if any adjustments need to be made please contact SPWD.

Application ID: 7656
Project Title: HVAC Systems Renovation (Theater & Leonard Buildings, Great Basin College)
Agency: GBC
Division: GBC
Department: NSHE
Project Manager: TJD
Description: Replace existing chiller, boilers, outdoor air handler, pumps, piping, ductwork, and controls.
Location: Elko
DI_Location_2: 0
Project Description: The scope of work for this project includes a complete renovation of the existing boiler plant and chiller plant serving the Great Basin College Theater. The scope of work also includes the replacement of an outdoor air handler serving the Leonard Center. The project will include replacing the existing chiller, boilers, air handler, ductwork, piping, pumps, ductwork, and related controls.

SPWD Construction Cost Estimate from June 2016

Line Item Cost
1 Demolition of Existing Equipment & Piping 20,000
2 Air Cooled Chiller (50 tons) 67,000
3 Boilers (500 mbh) (2 ea @ $16,000/ea) 32,000
4 Air Handler (14,000 cfm) 160,000
5 Chilled Water Pumps, Piping & Accessories 78,000
6 Heating Water Pumps, Piping, & Accessories 84,000
7 Flue & Combustion Air Modifications 10,000
8 Gas Piping Modifications with Seismic Gas Valve 6,500
9 Exterior Ductwork Modifications 15,000
10 Temperature Control System Modifications 120,000
11 Testing, Balancing, & Commissioning 15,000
12 Electrical Modifications 25,000
Total 632,500