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SPWD Project Managers have compiled the following data from previous CIP Application Subbmittals. Please review the data, if any adjustments need to be made please contact SPWD.

Application ID: 7570
Project Title: Paint Shop Electrical and Energy Upgrades (Western Regional Headquarters)
Agency: Forestry
Division: Forestry
Department: CNR
Project Manager: RLC
Description: Electrical upgrades and energy retrofit of the paint shop's exterior envelope.
Location: Other
DI_Location_2: 0
Project Description: This project will upgrade the paint shop's south half of the building and includes upgrading the electrical system and adding insulation to building's exterior envelope. Electrical upgrades include the addition of several outlets and increased lighting levels with energy efficient light fixtures. Insulation of the exterior envelope includes the installation of wall and ceiling insulation and the replacement of single pane windows with insulated window units.

SPWD Construction Cost Estimate from June 2016

Line Item Cost
1 Walls / Insulation / Paneling / Paint (1,920 sf @ $12/sf) 23,040
2 Insulated Window Units (5 ea @ $650/ea) 3,250
3 Ceiling Insulation (2,400 sf @ $4/sf) 9,600
4 Electrical Panel Upgrade 21,000
5 Power Distribution 10,000
6 Lighting (2,400 sf @ $5/sf) 12,000
7 Misc Siding & Roofing Repair 8,500
Total 87,390