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SPWD Project Managers have compiled the following data from previous CIP Application Subbmittals. Please review the data, if any adjustments need to be made please contact SPWD.

Application ID: 7067
Project Title: Security Alarm System & Pole Lighting (Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City)
Agency: RR_Mus
Division: MusHist
Department: T&CultAffr
Project Manager: CAD
Description: This project provides external lighting, a secured access system and a security camera system.
Location: Carson City
DI_Location_2: 0
Project Description: The scope of this project will install a security alarm system and lighting system around the perimeter of the Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City. This project will install a site wide security system. The alarm controls will be centrally located in the Interpretive Center and encompass the Annex buildings, Restoration Shop, Wabuska Depot, and the Nelson House. Also, this project will provide funding for the purchase and installation of sixteen 30-foot tall light poles including 30" diameter raised concrete bases, electrical trenching, conduit, wiring and connections to existing utilities. The light poles will be installed around the entire perimeter of the site and the parking areas.

SPWD Construction Cost Estimate from June 2016

Line Item Cost
1 Card Access on Doors (16 ea @ $4,200/ea) 67,200
2 Door Frame Upgrade (16 ea @ $1,500/ea) 24,000
3 Card Access Head-End (2 ea @ $8,000/ea) 16,000
4 Cameras Inside (25 ea @ $4,000/ea) 100,000
5 Cameras Outside (25 ea @ $5,000/ea) 125,000
6 Enhanced Digital Storage 100,000
7 Viewing Station (3 ea @ $2,500/ea) 7,500
8 Poles with Lighting (16 ea @ $7,000/ea) 112,000
9 Trenching, Conduit, Conductor Install (2,225 ea @ $60/ea) 133,500
10 Lighting Controls 10,000
Total 695,200