Submitted Application for a 2019 CIP Project

I. Administrative Section 
1. Project Name: Bradley Building Full Renovation
2. Project Description (One Sentence): This project will completely renovate the interior and the exterior of the Bradley building. Currently, numerous state agencies are in need of additional office space. B&G can provide additional space as soon as this remodel is completed. During times when SPWD is renovating or remodeling other spaces, the Bradley building, once remodeled, can additionally house these displaced State employees.
3a. Project Location: County: Clark
3b. Project Location: City: Las Vegas
4. Department (department requesting project): Administration
5. Division (division requesting project): Buildings & Grounds
6. Agency (agency requesting project): N/A
7. Agency contact person: Ron Cothran & Michael Johnson
8. Contact phone: Ron (775) 690-8207 & Michael (775) 316-0872
9. Contact email: &
The Department ranking of this project:
10. The Department will rank their projects 1 through the lowest ranked project (e.g., If 5 projects were submitted by the Department a ranking of 1 would be assigned to the most important or most needed project and a ranking of 5 would be the least needed project). 3
11. Has this project been previously requested in a prior CIP?
12. SPWD 4 digit Building No. (for existing buildings)
13. Facility Condition Analysis Project No. (if recommended)
14. Is the property State Owned?
15. If the facility is existing, is it State owned?
II. Narrative Section 
16. Project Description: The interior fixtures and finishes are in general disrepair and the building is due for a complete renovation. This project would provide for the removal and the replacement of all the flooring; doors and frames; cabinetry; trim and baseboards, and any other interior finishes and fixtures in need of replacement. This building is equipped with an automatic fire detection and alarm system that no longer complies with current requirements. It is recommended that the system be upgraded to current requirements to ensure the safety of the occupants. According to NAC 477.917 "If the value of individual or cumulative additions, alterations and repairs to a building or structure in any 12-month period exceeds 50 percent of the value of the building or structure at the commencement of the 12-month period, the building or structure must conform to the requirements for a new building or structure.” When completed, the new system will provide visual, as well as audible notification, in accordance with the 2012 IBC Chapter 9, Section 907 and the State Fire Marshal's requirements. The HVAC system is original to the building and should be scheduled for replacement. It is not energy efficient and has reached the end of its expected and useful life. The R-22 refrigerant in the cooling system is no longer EPA compliant and its production is mandated to be phased out completely by January 1, 2020. This project would provide for installation of a new HVAC system and cleaning of the existing duct work and grilles. This project includes removal and disposal of the existing HVAC system and all required connections to utilities. The asphalt roof on the building is in poor condition and has active leaks. This building will need to be re-roofed with a new single-ply roofing system. This will allow for the roof to qualify for the statewide roofing warranty and preventative maintenance agreement programs.
17. Project Justification: The FCNI on this building is at 45%. A typcial recommendation to replace usually will begin at 50%, but due to the high demand for additional office space in the Las Vegas area, it is recommended to renovate and lease out this space ASAP. There are not current plans to build a brand new building at this site’s location, but there is a GREAT NEED to move staff, during the times when B&G is performing large remodels, (currently, this space would be a great option for the tenants at the Grant Sawyer building). Currently, in 2018, the cost to SPWD to build a new building is approximately $400 a square foot. The State can remodel the Bradley buidling for approximately $113.48 a square foot ($56.00 interior remodel + $25.00 mechanical + $16.80 roofing + $15.68 fire suppression = $113.48). Utilizing FCA’s figures. $113.48 x 28,275 = $3,208,647 + engineering costs. The costs associated with demolition and new construction would cost the State $400 x 28,275 (using the current square footage) = $11,310,000. This is a savings of $8,101,353 and the State can begin generating income as soon as the renovated space is leased out.
18. Project Background Information: The Bradley Building is located in Las Vegas. The building is a three story concrete and steel framed structure with metal cladding for siding and glazed wall panels at the corners. It has a built up roofing system. Surrounding the facility is some xeriscape with a few shrubs and trees. There is a parking area located adjacent to the building with designated ADA accessible parking spaces. The HVAC system is mostly original 1975 components and consists of a roof mounted chiller and cooling tower, three supplemental AC units and the original gas fired boiler inside of the roof penthouse. There are two air handlers on each of the three floors which are also original units. One of the air handlers on the second floor has been retrofitted with a heating coil and is not code compliant. Some of the controls for the system are missing and the whole system is in poor condition and should be replaced. The building is serviced by one water line which enters the building in the mechanical space. The domestic line is tapped from the main line inside of the mechanical space and is in need of a double check valve. Also, there is no backflow prevention on the main water service. The City of Las Vegas is scheduled to install the backflow prevention device sometime in the future. The facility is in need of several ADA accessibility upgrades including restrooms, signage, elevator components, and building entrance/ parking. It also has a fire sprinkler system and an original fire alarm system which is in need of replacement. Most of the building fixtures and components need to be replaced.
19. Mechanical and/or Electrical Equipment Replacement Projects:
19a. Type of equipment to be replaced:
19b. Year existing equipment was installed: 1975
19c. Manufacturer of existing equipment:
19d. Model of existing equipment:
19e. Are there any known hazardous materials?
Environmental Considerations
20a. Hazardous Materials (Asbestos, Lead Paint, etc.):
20b. Will the site require any hazardous material abatement?
21. Ramifications if the Project is not Approved (short essay):
Health, Life Safety, and/or Legal Issues
22. Please describe any health, life safety, and/or legal issues that will be resolved by completing this project (Short Essay):
23. Proposed Project Schedule Impacts/Issues
23a. Will this project require relocating personnel or vacating the building for any period of time?
23b. Explain:
23c. Has any design work been completed on the proposed project?
23d. What is the latest date this project could be completed without disrupting your program?
23e. What is the driving proposed completion date?
III. Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate and Funding Sources Section 
Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate and Funding Sources (The SPWD will prepare all final cost estimates. This schedule is for preliminary purposes only.)
24. Land (if land must be purchased):
25. Offsite construction:
26. On-site Development:
27. Utility connection fees:
28. Water rights deeded:
29. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment:
30. Specialty equipment:
31. Data and network equipment:
32. Telephone equipment costs:
33. Moving:
34. Renovation of vacated space:
35a. Correction of known deficiencies:
35b. (describe deficiencies)
36a. Any known commitments:
36b. (describe commitments)
37a. Known hazardous material abatement:
37b. (describe hazardous materials)
38. Total project costs: 3,208,647
39. Proposed funding of total project cost:
39a. Agency:
39b. Federal
39c. State 3,208,647
39d. Other/Donor
39e. (describe source of 'Other/ Donor' funding):
39f. Total: 3,208,647
40. Agency point of contact for outisde funding if 39a, 39b, or 39c funding sources are providing funds.
40a. Name
40b. Phone Number
40c. Email Address
IV. Site Analysis Section 
Site Analysis (New construction only)
41. Estimated land area to be acquired (acres)
42. Will this project require new parking spaces?
43. Are utilities available to site?
44. Will project require relocation of existing utilities?
45. Are there any required offsite improvements (or right-of-way dedications)?
46. Is the site in a flood plain?
47. Is the site in an airport impact zone?
48. Does the site contain any underground storage tanks?
49. Does the site contain any adverse soil conditions?
50. Will the site require an environmental assessment?
51. Will rezoning or a special use permit be required?
52. Will any Utility connection fees need to be paid?
53. Will any water rights need to be deeded?
54. Will construction traffic degrade existing access or facilities?
55. Will the site require any hazardous material abatement?
56a. Other site considerations affecting cost? (describe):
56b. Describe Site Considerations:
V. Programming Section 
Programming (New construction, building remodels, and building additions only)
57. Has any architectural programming occurred?
(Programming is an architectural definition of the needs/problems that must be addressed by the project)
58. Has any advanced planning occurred in previous CIPs?
59. Usable Square footage required (including storage space)
59a. New Construction SF:
59b. Remodel/Renovation SF:
59c. Addition SF
59d.Total project SF:
60. Occupancy type (Assembly, business, educational, factory/industrial, high hazard, institutional, mercantile, residential, storage, utility/miscellaneous) :
61. Approximate number of staff to occupy facility:
62. Approximate number of visitors per day:
63. Will this project require funding for any furnishings, fixtures and equipment?
64. For existing facilities, are there any known hazardous materials? (e.g., Asbestos, lead paint or underground storage tanks):
65. How many years of future growth will this project accommodate?
66. List of required facilites (laboratory space, classroom space, office space, conference rooms, cafeterias, maintenance shops, garages) and any unusual related equipment required for your project: