Submitted Application from prior CIP Planning Cycle

I. Administrative Section 
1. Project Name: CSN - North West Campus Building
2. Project Description (One Sentence): This project will be for planning fees only for a 60,000 SF building along with any required infrastructure on CSN’s new North West campus
3a. Project Location: County: Clark
3b. Project Location: City: Las Vegas
4. Department (department requesting project): NSHE
5. Division (division requesting project): CSN
6. Agency (agency requesting project): N/A
7. Agency contact person: Sherri Payne
8. Contact phone: (702) 651-2663
9. Contact email:
The Department ranking of this project:
10. The Department will rank their projects 1 through the lowest ranked project (e.g., If 5 projects were submitted by the Department a ranking of 1 would be assigned to the most important or most needed project and a ranking of 5 would be the least needed project). 2
11. Has this project been previously requested in a prior CIP? No
12. SPWD 4 digit Building No. (for existing buildings) N/A
13. Facility Condition Analysis Project No. (if recommended) N/A
14. Is the property State Owned? No
15. If the facility is existing, is it State owned?
II. Narrative Section 
16. Project Description: The purpose of this project is to provide planning fees only for the first building to be located on the new North West campus. Development of the campus will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). Collaboration/ partnership would be sought with the Clark County School District (CCSD) on joint programming, shared space and expansion of the Community College High School (CCHS) in the planning phase. It is anticipated that the first building will be 60,000 square feet and contain general classrooms, laboratories, and several essential functions necessary for a new campus start up. In addition, the project will also contain off site work required by the development agreement with the City of Las Vegas, parking, outside circulation, and a new central plant. The College is also entertaining the idea of locating a ground source heat pump system for the mechanical requirements of this and future facilities. This project would cost approximately $41 million dollars including $5 million for furniture, fixtures and equipment.
17. Project Justification: Recently,the Federal government passed legislation allowing a transfer of 42 acres of property from the Bureau of Land Management to the College of Southern Nevada for the express purpose of construction of a College campus. Once this transference is complete and a development agreement is approved by the City of Las Vegas, the College will be committed to constructing the first new building. Development of this campus is imperative as the campus is located in the far northwest corner of the Las Vegas Valley at the corner of Elkhorn and Durango. The proposed location is critical to the College’s efforts to make education easily accessible for the residents of Las Vegas Valley. This location is currently a growing yet underserved area of the valley for post-secondary education. The site is situated within the communities that are furthest from CSN’s existing campuses and adjacent to planned new residential developments. This educational facility will be necessary to meet the needs of the community in this sector of the City.
18. Project Background Information: CSN is currently in the process of obtaining 42 acres of land from the BLM located at Elkhorn and Durango. This property was originally leased by the BLM to the City of Las Vegas in 2001 pursuant to the provisions of the Recreation and Public Purpose Act (RP&P Lease). The intention of the original lease was to develop the property as a regional park. In 2010, the City of Las Vegas and the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) entered into a development agreement for the City of Las Vegas to relinquish and transfer the land to NSHE on behalf of CSN. On September 2, 2014, the RP&P lease expired. On December 19, 2014, the Carl Levin and Howard “Buck” McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 was signed by President Obama. Among other things, this legislation authorized the BLM to convey the property to NSHE for the purpose of developing it as the North West regional campus of CSN. The legislation further provides that as a condition of the conveyance, CSN and the City of Las Vegas will enter into a development agreement that will provide for the orderly development of the property. Currently, CSN is working with the City of Las Vegas to finalize the development agreement by the end of 2016.
19. Mechanical and/or Electrical Equipment Replacement Projects:
19a. Type of equipment to be replaced: N/A
19b. Year existing equipment was installed: N/A
19c. Manufacturer of existing equipment: N/A
19d. Model of existing equipment: N/A
19e. Are there any known hazardous materials? No
Environmental Considerations
20a. Hazardous Materials (Asbestos, Lead Paint, etc.): N/A
20b. Will the site require any hazardous material abatement? No
21. Ramifications if the Project is not Approved (short essay): Currently this northwest section of the City is developing quickly. This area does not contain any higher education facilities. Many of the students that are located within this area of the City have to travel to the West Charleston campus to attend classes. As the years progress and the City continues to grow, the need for a higher educational facility will only increase. In addition, the develop agreement between the City of Las Vegas and CSN encourages quick growth of the campus to accommodate the needs of the citizens.
Health, Life Safety, and/or Legal Issues
22. Please describe any health, life safety, and/or legal issues that will be resolved by completing this project (Short Essay): N/A
23. Proposed Project Schedule Impacts/Issues
23a. Will this project require relocating personnel or vacating the building for any period of time? No
23b. Explain: N/A
23c. Has any design work been completed on the proposed project? Yes
23d. What is the latest date this project could be completed without disrupting your program? 2020
23e. What is the driving proposed completion date? The development of the area within this sector of the City is creating a demand for a higher education facility.
III. Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate and Funding Sources Section 
Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate and Funding Sources (The SPWD will prepare all final cost estimates. This schedule is for preliminary purposes only.)
24. Land (if land must be purchased): 0
25. Offsite construction: 0
26. On-site Development: 0
27. Utility connection fees: 0
28. Water rights deeded: 0
29. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: 0
30. Specialty equipment: 0
31. Data and network equipment: 0
32. Telephone equipment costs: 0
33. Moving: 0
34. Renovation of vacated space: 0
35a. Correction of known deficiencies: 0
35b. (describe deficiencies) N/A
36a. Any known commitments: 0
36b. (describe commitments) N/A
37a. Known hazardous material abatement: 0
37b. (describe hazardous materials) N/A
38. Total project costs: 0
39. Proposed funding of total project cost: 0
39a. Agency: 0
39b. Federal 0
39c. State 3200000
39d. Other/Donor 0
39e. (describe source of 'Other/ Donor' funding): N/A
39f. Total: 3200000
40. Agency point of contact for outisde funding if 39a, 39b, or 39c funding sources are providing funds.
40a. Name N/A
40b. Phone Number N/A
40c. Email Address N/A
IV. Site Analysis Section 
Site Analysis (New construction only)
41. Estimated land area to be acquired (acres) 42
42. Will this project require new parking spaces? No
43. Are utilities available to site? No
44. Will project require relocation of existing utilities? No
45. Are there any required offsite improvements (or right-of-way dedications)? No
46. Is the site in a flood plain? No
47. Is the site in an airport impact zone? No
48. Does the site contain any underground storage tanks? No
49. Does the site contain any adverse soil conditions? No
50. Will the site require an environmental assessment? No
51. Will rezoning or a special use permit be required? No
52. Will any Utility connection fees need to be paid? No
53. Will any water rights need to be deeded? No
54. Will construction traffic degrade existing access or facilities? No
55. Will the site require any hazardous material abatement? No
56a. Other site considerations affecting cost? (describe): No
56b. Describe Site Considerations: N/A
V. Programming Section 
Programming (New construction, building remodels, and building additions only)
57. Has any architectural programming occurred?
(Programming is an architectural definition of the needs/problems that must be addressed by the project)
58. Has any advanced planning occurred in previous CIPs? No
59. Usable Square footage required (including storage space)
59a. New Construction SF: 60000
59b. Remodel/Renovation SF: 0
59c. Addition SF 0
59d.Total project SF: 60000
60. Occupancy type (Assembly, business, educational, factory/industrial, high hazard, institutional, mercantile, residential, storage, utility/miscellaneous) : Business
61. Approximate number of staff to occupy facility: 75
62. Approximate number of visitors per day: 1000
63. Will this project require funding for any furnishings, fixtures and equipment? No
64. For existing facilities, are there any known hazardous materials? (e.g., Asbestos, lead paint or underground storage tanks): No
65. How many years of future growth will this project accommodate? 10
66. List of required facilites (laboratory space, classroom space, office space, conference rooms, cafeterias, maintenance shops, garages) and any unusual related equipment required for your project: Classrooms, laboratories, offices, conferenece rooms, maintenance areas.