Submitted Application from prior CIP Planning Cycle

I. Administrative Section 
1. Project Name: Ely Office Retrofit Upgrade and Addition
2. Project Description (One Sentence): Design and construct an office/lab upgrade to existing structure.
3a. Project Location: County: White Pine
3b. Project Location: City: Ely
4. Department (department requesting project): Wildlife
5. Division (division requesting project): N/A
6. Agency (agency requesting project): N/A
7. Agency contact person: Rodd Lighthouse
8. Contact phone: 775-688-1586
9. Contact email:
The Department ranking of this project:
10. The Department will rank their projects 1 through the lowest ranked project (e.g., If 5 projects were submitted by the Department a ranking of 1 would be assigned to the most important or most needed project and a ranking of 5 would be the least needed project). 6
11. Has this project been previously requested in a prior CIP? Yes
12. SPWD 4 digit Building No. (for existing buildings) 2127,9825
13. Facility Condition Analysis Project No. (if recommended) 2127EXT1, 2127SIT1
14. Is the property State Owned? Yes
15. If the facility is existing, is it State owned? Yes
II. Narrative Section 
16. Project Description: The scope of this project includes the design and construction of 700 square feet of upgraded office space and 500 square feet of state-of-the-art necropsy biological laboratory that would be retrofitted in an addition to the existing Ely Office facility. This project would provide for crack filling, sealing and subsequent signage and striping of all of the paving on site including the access roads and parking lot. This project will provide for the purchase and installation of efficient solar powered exterior lighting of the access road and parking area. This project will include upgrades to the vehicle gate access including a code compliant motorized tracked gate capable of withstanding inclement weather. This project will include an ADA compliant front service counter space and signage as required. This project will address upgrades with respect to code compliant emergency egress lighting and exit signs as required. A code compliant fire alarm system as well as provisions for required fire suppression systems will be included in the scope of this project. Upgrades and repairs to the existing structure including gutters and exterior siding and the installation of a stair landing at the rear of the building will be addressed with this project.
17. Project Justification: The existing 1720 square feet of office facility is seemingly over capacity, occupied by 7 employees as well as 15 visitors per day. Essential office equipment including copiers and printers has been relegated to the hallway in order to accommodate the necessary additional staff office space. Currently dissections and other lab work are taking place in the existing office conference room which is not designed for this activity. Unpleasant smells from this activity permeate the entire office including the public reception area. It is important to maintain the asphalt concrete paving on the site so as to prevent premature failure and avoid costlier repairs in the future. Striping will need to be replaced upon completion of sealing operations and the signage is also in need of improvement and/or repair. Currently the access road and parking area of the existing facility provide no site lighting which is a security and safety concern. The existing manual sliding gate is barely operable in cold weather and it is less than 20 feet wide which does not comply with the fire code. The existing facility public reception area has a service counter for the public which does not meet current codes. The existing office building signage criteria is out of compliance with respect to current codes. The existing facility does not have a Fire alarm system as required. The existing facility does not have a Fire suppression system as required. The existing facilities rain gutters leak onto the public access ramp at the front of the building and during cold weather, create a slip and fall hazard. The existing building has vinyl siding which is damaged and has reached the end of its useful life and is in dire need of replacement. The existing exterior stairway near the rear of the facility does not have a landing as required. Based on the previous SPWD FCA recommendations and the time that has passed since they were completed the items included in the scope of this project are past due for being addressed.
18. Project Background Information: The existing building was constructed in 2000 so that the staff could move out of the old office at the airport. It had always been planned that the new office would be expanded to allow for future staffing as well as vehicle, evidence and equipment storage and a laboratory so that the Department could completely abandon the old facility at the airport (site # 9933). Various items addressed in the scope of this project have been assigned priority classifications of 1 or 2 by SPWD since 2002 during their periodic Facility Condition Analyses. Appling that metric all are due or past to be addressed. The bulk of the items in the scope of this project were originally requested for capital improvement during the 2007 legislative session then again in 2011, 2013, and 2015.
19. Mechanical and/or Electrical Equipment Replacement Projects:
19a. Type of equipment to be replaced: n/a
19b. Year existing equipment was installed: n/a
19c. Manufacturer of existing equipment: n/a
19d. Model of existing equipment: n/a
19e. Are there any known hazardous materials? No
Environmental Considerations
20a. Hazardous Materials (Asbestos, Lead Paint, etc.): None
20b. Will the site require any hazardous material abatement? No
21. Ramifications if the Project is not Approved (short essay):
Health, Life Safety, and/or Legal Issues
22. Please describe any health, life safety, and/or legal issues that will be resolved by completing this project (Short Essay):
23. Proposed Project Schedule Impacts/Issues
23a. Will this project require relocating personnel or vacating the building for any period of time? No
23b. Explain:
23c. Has any design work been completed on the proposed project? No
23d. What is the latest date this project could be completed without disrupting your program? 2018
23e. What is the driving proposed completion date?
III. Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate and Funding Sources Section 
Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate and Funding Sources (The SPWD will prepare all final cost estimates. This schedule is for preliminary purposes only.)
24. Land (if land must be purchased):
25. Offsite construction:
26. On-site Development: 378000
27. Utility connection fees: 16000
28. Water rights deeded:
29. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: 43000
30. Specialty equipment:
31. Data and network equipment: 8000
32. Telephone equipment costs: 8000
33. Moving:
34. Renovation of vacated space:
35a. Correction of known deficiencies:
35b. (describe deficiencies)
36a. Any known commitments:
36b. (describe commitments)
37a. Known hazardous material abatement:
37b. (describe hazardous materials)
38. Total project costs: 453000
39. Proposed funding of total project cost:
39a. Agency:
39b. Federal
39c. State 453000
39d. Other/Donor
39e. (describe source of 'Other/ Donor' funding):
39f. Total: 453000
40. Agency point of contact for outisde funding if 39a, 39b, or 39c funding sources are providing funds.
40a. Name
40b. Phone Number
40c. Email Address
IV. Site Analysis Section 
Site Analysis (New construction only)
41. Estimated land area to be acquired (acres) 0
42. Will this project require new parking spaces? No
43. Are utilities available to site? Yes
44. Will project require relocation of existing utilities? Unknown
45. Are there any required offsite improvements (or right-of-way dedications)? No
46. Is the site in a flood plain? No
47. Is the site in an airport impact zone? Unknown
48. Does the site contain any underground storage tanks? Unknown
49. Does the site contain any adverse soil conditions? No
50. Will the site require an environmental assessment? No
51. Will rezoning or a special use permit be required? No
52. Will any Utility connection fees need to be paid? No
53. Will any water rights need to be deeded? No
54. Will construction traffic degrade existing access or facilities? No
55. Will the site require any hazardous material abatement? No
56a. Other site considerations affecting cost? (describe): No
56b. Describe Site Considerations:
V. Programming Section 
Programming (New construction, building remodels, and building additions only)
57. Has any architectural programming occurred?
(Programming is an architectural definition of the needs/problems that must be addressed by the project)
58. Has any advanced planning occurred in previous CIPs? Yes
59. Usable Square footage required (including storage space)
59a. New Construction SF:
59b. Remodel/Renovation SF: 1720
59c. Addition SF 1200
59d.Total project SF: 2920
60. Occupancy type (Assembly, business, educational, factory/industrial, high hazard, institutional, mercantile, residential, storage, utility/miscellaneous) : Business
61. Approximate number of staff to occupy facility: 10
62. Approximate number of visitors per day: 15
63. Will this project require funding for any furnishings, fixtures and equipment? Yes
64. For existing facilities, are there any known hazardous materials? (e.g., Asbestos, lead paint or underground storage tanks): No
65. How many years of future growth will this project accommodate? 30
66. List of required facilites (laboratory space, classroom space, office space, conference rooms, cafeterias, maintenance shops, garages) and any unusual related equipment required for your project: office space and conference room