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I. Administrative Section 
Project Name: Southern Desert Correctional Center - CCTV Surveillance Camera System
Project Description (One Sentence): Installation of Surveillance Cameras, monitors and supporting equipment. Provide compatability with other NDOC systems.
Project Location: County: Clark
Project Location: City: Indian Springs
Department (department requesting project): Corrections
Division (division requesting project): So. Nevada Correctional Center
Agency (agency requesting project): N/A
Agency contact person: Kent LeFevre
Contact phone: 702.486.9928
Contact email:
At the Department level ranking of this project:
The Department will rank their projects 1 through the lowest ranked project (i.e., If 5 projects were submitted by the Department a ranking of 1 would be assigned to the most important or most needed project and a ranking of 5 would be the least needed project). 61
Has this project been previously requested in a prior CIP? No
SPWD 4 digit Building No. (for existing buildings) 9970
Facility Condition Analysis Project No. (if recommended)
II. Narrative Section 
Project Justification (Essay)
Project Description: Scope of work: Installation of CCTV Surveillance Cameras, monitors and supporting equipment. Provide compatability with other NDOC systems. Provide recording and playback capability. Provide data storage. Provide interior and exterior coverage.
Project Justification: SDCC is a medium security prison designated as a program yard with over 2,000 inmates and a video surveillance system is needed to enable the monitoring of inmate movementand activity throughout the facility, including high risk areas with no weapond coverage such as Culinary, Laundry, Prison Industries, Gatehouse, Administration, Central Heating Plant, and a number of other program areas.
Project Background Information: A video surveillance system would deter inmate-on-staff, inmate-on-inmate and other incidents, and security and safety would be greatly enhanced and invesligations reduced. The system could also provide evidence for criminal prosecution for illegal activities and defense for very expensive inmate litigation. As evidenced by surveillance equipment already in place in other insitutions within this state and elsewhere, surveillance cameras provide a deterrent for a variety of incidents occurring within this institution such as those cited below and also significantly improve prevention, and reaction time thereby affecting greater security, and reducing and minimizing associated risks and potential for escape, and other injuries to staff and inmates within the facility by putting “eyes” in every corridor of the facility, and also help restore some of the coverage lost due to limited resources, particularly in areas where the potential of incidents is highest, and where civilian staff works with inmates independent of custody staff. The addition of an effective camera system and monitoring would also provide tracking capability and a means to affect prosecution by recording and maintaining visual evidence such incidents and to parties involved. Scope of the project: Install an extensive security system to include computer monitoring and video surveillance of esentially all areas within the institution using cameras and monitors and other sophisticated electronic devices.
Mechanical and/or Electrical Equipment Replacement Projects:
Type of equipment to be replaced:
Year existing equipment was installed:
Manufacturer of existing equipment:
Model of existing equipment:
Hazardous Materials (Asbestos, Lead Paint, etc.):
Will this project require any hazardous material abatement? No
Ramifications if the Project is not Approved
(Short Essay): Monitoring of inmate movement will continue as is, totally dependent upon staff coverage in all areas. Inmate-on-inmate and inmate-on-staff incidents will continue at the current rate, and lengthy investigations will continue to be required and inmate lawsuits lost. As a point of refernce, during 2008/2009, we identified approximately 135 incidents involving assault and battery, threats of violence, disturbances and other riotous behavior, contraband, drugs, and weapons, fights, stabbings, and inmates hiding that occurred within this institution. This is not a comprehensive reporting of these types of incidents, but is conservatively estimated to represent about 40% of the total incidents that occurred at SDCC. Each of these incidents involves situations that pose potential and real harm to staff and inmates. Number of times requested previously: at least twice previously.
Health, Life Safety, and/or Legal Issues
Please describe any health, life safety, and/or legal issues that will be resolved by completing this project (Short Essay): It is also apparent that such incidents are on the rise, and it is critical to the safety and security of the staff, inmates and general public that we take such necessary steps to minimize such risks within this institution before serious injuries are sustained, or we experience escapes.
Proposed Project Schedule Impacts/Issues
1. Will this project require relocating personnel or vacating the building for any period of time? No
Has any design work been completed on the proposed project? No
What is the latest date this project could be completed without disrupting your program? 2013
What is the driving proposed completion date?
III. Cost Estimate Section 
Preliminary Cost Estimate and Funding Sources (The SPWD will prepare all final cost estimates. This schedule is for preliminary purposes only.)
1. Land Cost (if land must be purchased): 0.0000
2. Off-site construction cost: 0.0000
3. On-site connection fees: 0.0000
4. Utility connection fees: 0.0000
5. Water rights deeded: 0.0000
6. Furniture, Fixture and equipment costs: 0.0000
7. Specialty equipment costs
8. Data and network equipment costs:
9. Telephone equipment costs:
10. Moving costs:
11. Costs for renovation of vacated space:
12. Costs for correction of known deficiencies:
(describe deficiencies)
13. Costs of any known commitments:
(describe commitments)
14. Costs of any hazardous material abatement:
(describe hazardous materials)
15. Total project costs: 0.0000
16. Proposed funding of total project cost:
a. Agency:
b. Federal
c. Other/Donor
d. State 459000
(describe source of 'Other' funding):
Total: 459000
17. Agency point of contact for outisde funding if 16a, 16b, or 16c funding sources are providing funds.
a. Name
b. Phone Number
c. Email Address
IV. Analysis Section 
Site Analysis (New construction only)
1. Estimated land area to be acquired (acres) 0
2. Will this project require new parking spaces? No
3. Are utilities available to site? Yes
4. Will project require relocation of existing utilities? No
5. Are there any required off-site improvements (or right-of-way dedications)? No
6. Is the site in a flood plane? No
7. Is the site in an airport impact zone? No
8. Does the site contain any underground storage tanks? No
9. Does the site contain any adverse soil conditions? No
10. Will the site require an environmental assessment? No
11. Will rezoning or a special use permit be required? No
12. Will any connection fees need to be paid? No
13. Will any water rights need to be deeded? No
14. Will construction traffic degrade existing access or facilities? No
15. Will the site require any hazardous material abatement? No
16. Other site considerations affecting cost? (describe): No
V. Programming Section 
Programming (New construction, building remodels, and building additions only)
1. Has any architectural programming occurred? No
(Programming is an architectural definition of the needs/problems that must be addressed by the project) No
2. Has any advanced planning occurred in previous CIPs? No
3. Net Square footage required (including storage space)
New Construction SF:
Remodel/Renovation SF:
Addition SF
Total project SF:
4. Occupancy type (Assembly, business, educational, factory/industrial, high hazard, institutional, mercantile, residential, storage, utility/miscellaneous) : Institutional
5. Approximate quantity of staff to occupy facility: 2055
6. Approximate number of visitors per day: 30
7. Will this project require funding for any furnishings, fixtures and equipment? No
8. For existing facilities, are there any known hazardous materials? (i.e., Asbestos, lead paint or underground storage tanks): No
9. How many years of future growth will this project accommodate? 15
10. List of required facilites (laboratory space, classroom space, office space, conference rooms, cafeterias, maintenance shops, garages) and any unusual related equipment required for your project:
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